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DIDXchange Announces Comsys as One of Trusted API Implementers

November 9, 2006; 03:31 AM
The 3250+ wholesale member group DIDXchange announced a longstanding and trusted relationship with Comsys. At this time the Comsys team is available for paid support to help wholesale providers implement the DIDX buyer and/or seller API as listed at http://www.didx.net/api. The APIs give full access to DIDX database services and stock of DID numbers, to be sold directly from a DIDX member's website, when the DIDX member's end-user places an order.

Sunny Ali, Kane Parker, Saghir Taj and Eddie Barwani are a part of the highly-talented Comsys software development team in beautiful South Melbourne, Australia. They are experts at DIDXchange, consulting, systems integration, VoIP support, VoIP application development and in provision of business grade VoIP QoS based DSL.

Sunny Ali says, "Comsys can implement the DIDX API to provide DIDX members the many exciting features on DIDX members' websites. Just complete the 6 step interop process and contact Comsys."

DIDX members can implement the DIDX seller and/or buyer API themselves. Alternatively Comsys is ready to assist. Features include display available international DIDs on DIDX member's website, allow DIDX member's customers to buy DIDs from its website, and allow DIDX member's customers to change SIP/IAX information.

In addition, DIDX members will be able to integrate all the other features of the API into DIDX member's website. Comsys specializes in using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML

Wholesale voice companies such as CLEC's, ITSP's, ISP's and other companies join DIDX and complete one simple 5 step interop, gain an instant interconnect with the global voice community to buy and sell DID (phone numbers).

About Comsys
Contact information is Tel: +61 (0)3 9001 8111, Tel: 1300 COMSYS (1300 266 797), Fax: +61 (0)3 9011 9626, Mob: +61 (0)412 455 386, Web: www.comsys.com.au , ComsysAustralia, Level 1, 49-51 Stead Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia. 

About Super Technologies, Inc. DIDXchange
A Pensacola, Florida voice company since 1999, SuperTec and DIDXchange goals include empowerment of voice industry worldwide with change-making and practical technologies such as www.didx.net global phone number exchange.

Super Technologies, Inc.
Suzanne Bowen
[email protected]



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