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CSSEdit 2 for Mac Now Available

November 8, 2006; 02:16 AM
MacRabbit released CSSEdit 2, the Style Sheet editor that makes styling anything from blogs to dynamic Web Apps a piece of cake.

With intuitive visual controls and a powerful source environment, aspiring web designers and pros alike will find their way to Web 2.0 in style. CSSEdit 2 redefines web design by offering real-time styling for any website, even an AJAX-powered killer Web App.

CSSEdit grows with users from beginner to Pro. Handy point and click controls generate clean, valid code without writing anything manually. If the user prefers tweaking the source on their own, a powerful source environment with intelligent CodeSense is at their service.

The new Web Preview goes one step further than its predecessor by letting users style any web page in real time -- no reloading or saving required. Styling blogs or dynamic applications used to be a chore, now it becomes fun and easy.

Debugging visual effects and page layouts is a breeze thanks to X-ray. Click on a page, and an insightful overlay provides all the details about the selected element.

Beauty isn't skin deep in CSSEdit 2, because underneath its delicious shell are things like:

- A rock solid and speedy core
- One click validation with the W3C
- Milestones that let you save your work
- Groups to organize your style sheet
- ... and much more

Fun and learning? Browser Integration combines the two. One click from your browser, and you're restyling your favorite sites in real time. Learning from the Masters was never this easy.

CSSEdit 2 is available for $29.95. Upgrades are $14.95. For more information: http://macrabbit.com/cssedit/

Contact Info:
Jan Van Boghout
pr @ macrabbit.com



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