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Volantis Announces New Application Solution to Drive Higher Adoption of Mobile Data Services

BuzzCast™ delivers Personalized News and Entertainment across Broad Selection of Devices

November 6, 2006; 02:15 AM
Volantis, the worlds leading supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions for the Mobile Information Age, today announced the availability of BuzzCast. This newest addition to the Volantis Suite of Mobile Content Applications represents a revolution in information access for mobile devices, enabling greater context, immediacy, and personalization. The new solution is being rolled out during the fourth quarter of 2006 to help carriers accelerate mobile data usage among subscribers.

BuzzCast pushes compelling information, such as financial news, sports and entertainment headlines, to any device - regardless of network or device type - personalized according to the unique preferences of each subscriber. The new solution ensures that mobile data is easy to access and visually appealing. The information is displayed directly on the phone as a personalized home screen for each subscriber.

Enabling information to be pre-selected and constantly updated on any device reduces the time and click-throughs that consumers traditionally face in accessing information via their mobile devices. BuzzCast allows consumers to shift their mobile data habits from the offline and passive review of pushed information to an environment of actively engaging with online value added services. This change results in consumers more easily and intuitively interacting with information displayed on their phone.

"We developed BuzzCast to close the significant gap between consumer interest in mobile information and the limited practicalities of its use to date, said Matthew Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Volantis. Response from carriers confirms their interest in making information more immediate, interactive and top-of-mind for consumers.

"Push-based information feeds are already popular on the fixed Internet and their potential to bring timely, relevant content to mobile consumers looks considerable, said Tony Cripps, Service Manager, Wireless Software at Ovum. Personalizing this information for each device owner and delivering to a broad selection of devices from multiple OEMs is not simple, however. Carriers that capture this vision will be more relevant to their subscribers and are more likely to drive higher data usage.

BuzzCast delivers an experience appropriate to both the device and the receiving application. It supports the creation of a subscriber user interface for a range of technologies to suit the device strategy of virtually any service provider, including support for Ajax, RSS Client, Flash, J2ME and native Symbian.

Critical to growing data usage are: easy-to-access information; ensuring the information can be selected by each subscriber according to their unique preferences; and providing for broad distribution of that content across many device platforms to achieve economies of scale. BuzzCast addresses these challenges, leveraging the power of the Internet and the Volantis Mobile Content Framework: the mobile industrys most broadly deployed mobile content delivery platform.

About Volantis

Volantis (www.volantis.com) is the world's leading supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions for the mobile Information Age, providing applications, tools and platforms that solve the complexity of delivering optimized services to any mobile device.

Volantis extensive experience of serving content providers, mobile network operators, and enterprises, along with its standards leadership, enable a unique position for Volantis to create innovative technology for the Mobile Information Age that is more useful and more useable than the PC Internet of today.

Volantis is used around the world by organizations such as 3, CBS, Channel 4, Cingular, CSC, Discovery, eBay.co.uk, FT.com, Hearst, HP, IBM, lastminute.com, MobileOne, Orange Poland, Reuters, Telefonica Moviles, Telecom Italia Mobile and Telenor Mobil and World Wrestling Entertainment. Volantis also Chairs the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Device Independence Working Group and is a Founding Member of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative.

Volantis global headquarters are in Seattle, USA, with international offices in Guildford, UK, Hong Kong, China, Madrid, Spain and Krakow, Poland. Volantis is privately held with investors Accel Partners, Kennet Partners, and SOFTBANK Europe Ventures.

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