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VersionOne Announces Fall 2006 Release of Agile Lifecycle Management Suite

AJAX, Management Reporting and Visual Studio Integration Top the List of New Capabilities

November 1, 2006; 03:39 AM
VersionOne, LLC, the leading provider of Agile development management solutions, today announced the Fall 2006 release of V1: Agile Enterprise. This latest release further extends VersionOne's leadership position in Agile reporting, builds on the V1: Agile API extensibility with integration into Microsoft Visual Studio(R), implements AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) for improved responsiveness, and improves Agile resource planning capabilities.

"In light of results from the recent global Agile survey conducted by VersionOne and the Agile Alliance, we are encouraged that our product strategy continues to address the most critical needs of the marketplace," comments Robert Holler, president and CEO of VersionOne. "The additional visibility, productivity and usability within this new release speaks directly to key priorities identified by teams around the world deploying Agile methods."

  Fall 2006 release highlights include:
   - Executive "Scorecard" Reports: Project and program summary reports have
     been added to give executive level summaries of current status and
     insight into key metrics in a single snapshot.
   - Agile Resource Planning: VersionOne provides the ability to better
     understand trends and workload that impact resource planning.
   - Microsoft Visual Studio(R) Integration: To further improve ease of use
     and productivity, VersionOne's Visual Studio plug-in allows developers
     to view and update VersionOne tasks without leaving the Visual Studio
   - AJAX Implementation: VersionOne continues to enhance both
     responsiveness and overall user experience with the implementation of
     AJAX enabled components and more customizable page configurations.

V1: Agile Enterprise is the only product to offer support for both On- Demand and On-Site delivery models, the ability to choose from either subscription or license-based pricing and support for multiple Agile methodologies. As a result, customers can maximize their flexibility in deploying Agile development to teams of any size. V1: Agile Enterprise is currently relied upon by over 1,500 teams and more than 20 Fortune 100 companies around the world to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their software delivery.

About VersionOne

VersionOne provides Web-based lifecycle planning and management applications for rapidly changing development projects. Enabling today's leading Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), and AgileUp, VersionOne streamlines the process of adopting and scaling Agile and iterative software development projects throughout an organization. For more information, visit http://www.versionone.com/ or call 770-752-4111.



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