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Nexaweb Delivers Universal Client Framework with New Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform

October 4, 2006; 02:33 AM

Nexaweb Technologies, Inc., delivering Richer, Thinner, Faster Enterprise Applications over the Web, announced Nexaweb UCF the industrys first zero-install, universal client framework that gives application developers the flexibility to use Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) or Java technology to deploy enterprise-class, composite business applications over the Web.

There is a monumental application development and modernization movement happening across the global IT community, said Peter S. Kastner, vice president and research director, information technology at Aberdeen Group. Users are demanding a richer application experience and businesses are under intense pressure to extend the life of their legacy applications by migrating them to a Web infrastructure. The challenge for organizations is not deciding on whether to use Ajax, Flash, Java or .NET to deploy their applications over the Web, but rather finding a productive solution that leverages their existing IT infrastructure and development approaches while giving them the flexibility to choose the cross-platform deployment technology that best suits the requirements of the application and its users.

Nexaweb UCF allows enterprise developers to deploy their applications using an Ajax- or Java- client based on the specific business objectives and end-user requirements of the application. Both clients download automatically (in seconds) to a standard Web browser, and intelligently download and cache data and program components on-demand, to minimize network overhead and optimize response times. In combination with Nexaweb IMB and Nexaweb ES, the messaging and integration components of the Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform, Nexaweb UCF delivers a comprehensive application development and deployment platform that enables customers to leverage their legacy and service-enabled IT assets to build rich, reliable, and secure business applications that can be deployed in any browser, anytime, over any network using Ajax or Java.

We are seeing tremendous demand in the Japanese market for Enterprise Web 2.0 and RIA solutions, said Eiji Tatsukawa, Assistant to General Manager, Financial Solution Services Department, Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd. Since our strategic relationship with Nexaweb began in January of this year, we have successfully helped leading organizations in the financial services industry deploy enterprise-caliber Internet applications that have returned measurable ROI results almost immediately. We expect this movement will continue to spread across various market sectors and look forward to our continuing work with Nexaweb to deliver business agility and cost-savings to customers throughout our region.

The latest edition of Nexawebs Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform builds on the success and core features of earlier versions of Nexaweb solutions to deliver customers the industrys only universal client framework and most advanced data validation, services, and notification capabilities. The new and enhanced features offered in Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform include:

  • Universal Client Framework -- Nexaweb UCF supports a unified syntax for application development. With Nexaweb UCF, developers have the ability to build applications using the same APIs and architecture independent of their client technology choice Ajax or Java. This common approach eliminates the need to develop and maintain multiple client software versions, to standardize client systems and to upgrade network infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Data Service Framework -- The Nexaweb Enterprise Data Service Framework brings together Nexawebs client-side declarative data binding and server-side services framework. It allows developers to quickly and easily bind legacy and SOA data, including Web services, and databases, such as SQL, to UI components. This greatly reduces code generation, increases development productivity and minimizes future maintenance projects.
  • Data Validation Framework -- The Nexaweb Data Validation Framework allows validation logic to be defined declaratively or programmatically, providing application developers a simple way to link validation logic to a user interface. The data validation framework verifies that form fields have been filled out properly and checks for the presence of required fields, data types, minimum and maximum values, and more.
  • Event Notification Services -- Nexawebs Event Notification Services extend support for tracking events associated with accessing data sources such as Web services and databases. Developers can now do event handling based on if data has changed or when the data request has been completed.

Enterprise customers want flexibility. They have invested millions of dollars in their IT infrastructures, many having chosen J2EE and Java technology, and are now in need of a solution that will allow them to leverage these investments as they deploy business-critical applications over the Web, said Coach Wei, CTO and founder at Nexaweb. Our customers are the best judge of their IT landscape and their business requirements. The Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform gives them an open solution built on the principles of integration, re-use, and universal deployment meeting the rigorous communication and integration requirements of their enterprise applications while offering them the flexibility to choose Ajax, Java, .NET, or a desktop-client for deployment.


Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform with Nexaweb UCF will be generally available on November 30th.

About Nexaweb

Nexawebs Enterprise Web 2.0 solutions enable enterprises to rapidly deploy Richer, Thinner, Faster applications over the Web. With Nexaweb, building Ajax and Java UI applications that access legacy and service-oriented data systems is simple and doesnt require re-writing code. And only Nexawebs EW2.0 solution is proven by more than 5,000 successful global deployments. Founded in February 2000 and rooted in the MIT community, Nexaweb is based in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company is privately held and funded by institutional investors. For more information, visit www.nexaweb.com or call (781) 345-5500.

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