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MyEclipse Chosen as Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Hitachi

September 29, 2006; 03:06 AM
Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT) and Genuitec, LLC, announced an OEM contract agreement to adapt Genuitec's MyEclipse IDE as a base of Java application development into Hitachi's acclaimed “Cosminexus” Universal Application Platform. Hitachi will release the MyEclipse-inclusive edition of Cosminexus in late December.

With the Genuitec partnership, Hitachi will take the lead in providing the Japanese language version of MyEclipse to the Japanese marketplace. MyEclipse will be bundled and shipped with Hitachi's Universal Application Platform Cosminexus V7.2, which has garnered high praise in the Japanese market as a Web application platform. This partnership accelerates Java application adoption in the field of mission critical application tools in the Japanese market.

As the popular open source Java development environment “Eclipse” spreads worldwide, the need has arisen in the Japanese market to provide a set of tested and proved tools built on top of the Eclipse platform. As Japanese developers have begun adopting Eclipse, they have discovered that oftentimes developers customize their own environment with multiple plug-ins. Data exchange and interoperability between developers has become a hindrance to productivity, which Hitachi will address utilizing MyEclipse.

Genuitec's MyEclipse is a fully-supported Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that offers the most common tools needed for end-to-end developer productivity, including design, programming, deployment, DB connection/access and more, allowing even an inexperienced developer to create applications easily and effectively.

Hitachi and Genuitec will continue to strengthen their partnership in order to increase Java application development productivity as the Japanese market evolves, including sequential distribution of additional functions and services for Japanese Java developers based on MyEclipse.

Main features of the new MyEclipse-enriched Cosminexus V7.2:
With the MyEclipse integration, Cosminexus supports many frameworks such as Struts, JSF, Spring and others for Java application development and Hibernate for DB connection/access. Frameworks support rapid development through a series of wizards and interfaces, so an application developer can develop with minimum programming. Cosminexus also supports major DBs such as HiRDB, Oracle, SQL Server and provides consistent DB operability (table creation/reference, direct table data editing, SQL execution, etc). DB application developers are not required to use different tools each DB.

In addition, MyEclipse's AJAX Tools allow developers to more easily create rich and dynamic Web applications. The first AJAX/Web 2.0 tool for the Eclipse environment, MyEclipse provides an advanced JavaScript Debugger with the ability to set and step through JavaScript breakpoints and code assist for common JavaScript elements, functions and variables. The product will also include advanced drag-and-drop Rapid Application Development features with near-zero hand coding.

Other features include:
* High Functionality GUI designer with intuitive and flexible screen layout
* Full compatibility with the Eclilpse 3.2 and Callisto product offerings, allowing developers to make use of these popular new projects without interoperability or language concerns
* UML support (modeling and code generation)

Cosminexus website:

Pricing & Availability:
MyEclipse as a stand-alone product is available immediately for download via the MyEclipse website at http://www.MyEclipseIDE.com. The current price is $29.95/yr for the Standard edition, and $49.95/yr for the Professional edition. The Japanese version of MyEclipse bundled with Cosminexus will be available in December, but the price will be unchanged at about 50,000 yen (approximately USD $430).

About Hitachi, Ltd.
Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE: HIT / TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 356,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2005 (ended March 31, 2006) consolidated sales totaled 9,464 billion yen ($80.9 billion). The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market sectors including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials and financial services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at http://www.hitachi.com.

About Genuitec, LLC
Genuitec, LLC, is an Eclipse-based company offering innovative Java and J2EE development tools. Genuitec offers training and expert consulting and development services for the Eclipse SDK and Rich Client Platforms. An original sponsor of Eclipse Plug-in Central, Genuitec joined the Eclipse Foundation early in 2003 and currently has an employee on the elected board of directors who actively participates in the strategy development and direction of the organization. Genuitec LLC was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas, USA. For more information on Genuitec, please visit the company website at http://www.genuitec.com.

About MyEclipse
With over 315,000 users and more than two million downloads, MyEclipse is the most widely used Java development toolkit in the Eclipse space. With over 1500 features on top of the Eclipse platform, MyEclipse is the clear leader in J2EE development. MyEclipse was recently voted the “Best Eclipse-Based Commercial Software Solution for 2006” by Eclipse Magazine.



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