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Serebrum Launches Axon for Topic-centric Content Management at DEMOfall Conference

September 28, 2006; 03:22 AM
Serebrum Corporation, the leader in delivering custom business solutions to corporations, today announced at DEMOfall '06 the availability of a new topic-centric content management system. Serebrum Corporation is now the only company to offer an enterprise- class content management system built 100% on Java and the J2EE architecture with an intuitive user interface built from the ground up based on Ajax while extending the wiki model to meet the demands of enterprise infrastructure.

"Axon brings together the best of what wikis offer - ease of use, unlimited revision control, self-editing - and extends the concept to meet the needs of enterprise users - enhanced navigation, true WYSIWYG editing, integrated document management, powerful search and role-based access control," said Krishna Polineni, CEO of Serebrum Corporation. "Axon's topic- centric approach means that you can now separate content from publishing. Our multi-channel publishing model enables enterprises to distribute content changes in real-time across several channels - Web, Word/PDF documents, on-demand fax and print."

Serebrum Corporation, founded in late 1997, is an innovate provider of J2EE-based solutions to enterprises. Prior to Axon, enterprises had limited options to manage content, with the users having little or no control over content creation and delivery. With Axon, users can manage content as topics without having to worry about how it is presented. Topics can be assembled into different delivery formats for distribution. Further, Axon erases the concept of a document by organizing content as reusable "infolets," removing the limitations of the current document-centric approach where knowledge is embedded in productivity suites and is difficult to reassemble and reuse.

"Axon rethinks how enterprise content and knowledge is managed by providing a flexible framework for companies to create, present and distribute information," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMOfall. "While word processor and spreadsheet software was assembled as productivity suites in the early 90s to great impact, Axon takes the next evolutionary step of erasing the boundaries that exist in the components of a productivity suite and delivers a unified solution."

  Axon features previewed at DEMOfall include:

  -- "Infolets" vs. Documents - Axon defines a topic-based approach. Content is organized as reusable pieces - "infolets" - that can be assembled into one or more documents and published in any format. Any changes in an "infolet" are propagated in real time across all publishing channels.

  -- Multi-channel Publishing - Axon separates content creation from publishing.  Users can create and edit content without worrying about formatting or presentation.  Topics can be assembled into a document and published as Web pages, word processing documents or in PDF.  Documents and topics can be delivered on demand via print, fax or email.

  -- Usability - Axon's application interface design is based 100% on Ajax, fully leveraging features such as dynamic database-driven tree menus, easy switching from view to edit modes, true WYSIWYG editing and enhanced navigation.

  -- Security - Axon features highly granular role-based access control that is absent in wikis and most content management systems.  Advanced user management features include grouping.  LDAP is the default directory mechanism.

  -- Search - Full-text search of topics, documents and attachments can be conducted.  Search results are sortable.  Fielded search further allows the users to zero in on information they need.  Rights-managed search ensures that users can access only the content they have permissions for.

  -- Workflow - Axon's advanced workflow allows enterprises to set up sophisticated business processes to content creation, editing, review, publishing and archival.

  About Serebrum Corporation

Serebrum Corporation, headquartered in Iselin, NJ, provides innovative solutions to business problems. With Axon, enterprises have the option to deploy the next generation of content management systems based on Web 2.0 technologies and built 100% on the J2EE architecture. Axon received research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to apply the technology to software requirements elicitation, and from the Department of Defense Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) to extend Axon into a highly secure (EAL6+) cross-domain collaboration portal.

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