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DEMOfall '06 Conference Celebrates Simplicity and Sophistication

September 27, 2006; 02:38 AM
DEMOfall '06 Conference -- Chris Shipley, DEMO executive producer, opened the DEMOfall '06 conference today noting the transition in the technology industry from a six-year period of post-bubble recovery to an economically strong and innovation rich marketplace. Over the course of two days, the DEMOfall '06 audience of analysts, investors, journalists, and executives will witness the introduction of 67 market-changing technologies and discover the newest ideas in consumer and enterprise computing.

In her keynote, Shipley also called out the major emerging technology trends that will take the DEMOfall stage during the conference:

  -- digital content creation, collection and management,
  -- Internet customization and search,
  -- applications that extend the functionality of mobile phones,
  -- telecom in the age of VoIP,
  -- online security advancements,  and
  -- platforms that ease application development and deployment.

"Simplicity is in," said Shipley, commenting on the recent rise of easy- to-use hardware and software products. "DEMOfall demonstrators exemplify the types of elegant user interfaces, fundamentally useful concepts, and all around feel-good business models that are bound to be the foundations for the next wave of computing. In this post-bubble economy, these elements are critical to building smart and lasting companies."

Since the inaugural DEMO conference in 1991, the conference has focused intensely on the products -- not the marketing behind them. DEMOfall '06 kicked off with a look at five smart new ideas, all selected for their beautiful design and easy-to-use experience.

Business computing tools are always a major element at each DEMO event. Shipley invited these companies to take the stage this morning in order to demonstrate services that simplify and enrich the at-work computing experience:

  -- ThinkFree, Inc. -- ThinkFree AJAX Edition is an office applications
     suite that allows users to create documents based on templates, track
     changes from collaborators, and manage, view and roll back changes from
     previous versions.
  -- Koral, Inc. -- Koral is an enterprise content management solution for
     the business Web that spans email, desktop folders, and corporate LANs.
  -- Serebrum Corp. -- Axon is enterprise collaboration and content
     management software based on and extending the wiki concept of
     information sharing.
  -- BuzzLogic, Inc. -- BuzzLogic is search and analytics software that
     measures influence within the social media space such as blogs, wikis
     and forums.

Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO of QUALCOMM Incorporated, delivered an address to the DEMOfall audience that encapsulates his thinking about the future of wireless mobility, its convergence with computing and content and how it will drive changes in social networking and how we experience our lives. "The wireless Internet will have a greater impact on the world than the wired Internet. Cellphones have become the single electronic device that people carry with them all the time. Worldwide, cellphones have changed the way that people communicate and, with the integration of consumer electronics functions, high- bandwidth network connectivity and software platforms, they have the potential to rapidly change the way people are entertained, compute, manage their personal data and take care of themselves," Dr. Jacobs stated.

DEMOfall's afternoon general session hosted a continuing conversation about the mobile future. DEMOfall demonstrators launched onstage a series of applications and development platforms for the most ubiquitous of mobile devices: the cell phone. Emerging technology demonstrations included:

  -- PixSense, Inc. -- PixSense M3 automatically uploads digital media clips
     from mobile phones online for storing, editing and sharing.
  -- 4INFO, Inc. -- 4INFO Mobile Open Platform allows consumers to search,
     discover and receive information on their cell phones.
  -- Eyespot Corp. -- Eyespot Mobile Share is the first download-free online
     video editing and remixing platform for the editing, mashing,
     production and publishing of unique content.
  -- SportStat, LLC -- SCORE enables users to send real-time video of
     student athletes to a mobile phone as a wireless application.
  -- Pinger, Inc. -- Pinger is instant voice messaging for your mobile
     phone, with no ringing, no greetings, and no lengthy prompts.

DEMOfall attendees also benefited from an in-depth panel on the future of mobile computing, moderated by John Patrick, president of Attitude LLC. "The Future of Mobile," the first of two FutureScan panels at DEMOfall, explored the technical challenges that stand in the way of a truly mobile future. Patrick was joined by panelists Juergen Urbanski of FON North America, Joseph Ziskin of IBM Corporation, and Tom Jacobs of Sun Microsystems, all of whom debated the design, functionality, and usability of mobile devices.

The DEMOfall afternoon general session concluded with a look at emerging technology that will provide the foundations for a mobile future, as well as wireless infrastructure innovations. Demonstrations by:

  -- Moixa Energy Holdings, Ltd. -- USBcell is a smart, reusable battery
     design for mobile professionals.
  -- Mvox Technologies, Inc. -- Mvox Duo works as a Bluetooth headset as
     well as a USB-connected conference phone for VoIP calls, all with an
     intelligent voice dialing interface.
  -- W5 Networks, Inc. -- The W5 ESL System cuts labor costs by updating and
     displaying supermarket prices and promotions chain-wide within minutes
     via a long-range, low-power wireless network.
  -- ZING Systems, Inc. & SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Inc. -- SIRIUS Satellite
     Stiletto 100 is the first commercially availably product based on ZING,
     a platform for mobile music and entertainment solutions.

DEMO is legendary for its rapid-fire onstage demonstrations that put developers on the spot. Each demonstrating company get six minutes to present its product to a powerful audience of investors, journalists, and corporate decision makers. Attendees are then able to test the products themselves in the DEMOfall Pavilion -- not your typical overcrowded industry exhibition venue -- where the people who created the technologies are on hand to answer questions and give personal, one-on-one demonstrations.

DEMOfall Sponsors

DEMOfall '06's principal sponsor is QUALCOMM Incorporated. Decision Counsel, RealNetworks, Inc, Sun Microsystems, and Sony Electronics, Inc. are platinum sponsors. Porter Novelli and the National Science Foundation are gold sponsors of the event. The strategic partner is Guidewire Group. Media partners are American Venture Magazine, PR Newswire, TechConfidential/The Deal, and VentureCapitalConferences.com. Cellular wireless coverage provided by SpotWave. Marketing partners are Kauffman eVenturing, the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), VC Experts, and VentureChoice.

About the DEMO Conferences

Produced by Network World Events and Executive Forums, the semi-annual DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new products, which are hand-selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies, and have served as launch pad events for companies such as Palm, E*Trade, Handspring, and U.S. Robotics, helping them to secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships, and influence early adopters. Each DEMO conference features approximately 70 new companies, products and technologies. For more information on the DEMO conferences, visit http://www.demo.com/ .

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