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Servoy: Ajax, SOA, SaaS Platform for Oracle, Sybase, DB/2, MySQL Receives Funding

August 28, 2006; 02:55 AM
Servoy BV, a supplier of development and deployment tools for business software, has reached an agreement for venture capital. Lead by the Private Plus Fund, an established European investment firm, the funding joins several private investors who have already provided financial support to Servoy. Servoy has been growing rapidly with more than triple-digit expansion over the past
three years.

Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy: "We are very happy with the investment of Private Plus Fund. With this additional capital, we can accelerate the execution of our business strategy."

Private Plus Fund / Newion Investments Management Fund manager of Private Plus Fund BV, Newion Investments Management, has a reputation as an involved investor. Newion is known for investing in high-potential companies. The involvement of Newion, combined with willingness on the part of Private Plus Fund shareholders - all former entrepreneurs with a vast amount of knowledge and experience - is unique.

Servoy (http://www.servoy.com) is based on Java and allows rapid development of enterprise-class Java applications. Servoy makes it seamless to develop applications with support for SaaS, SOA and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Servoy runs on all popular operating systems including: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix; and can connect to any SQL database. Strategic partners include Sybase and iAnywhere, who bundle their products with Servoy.

Customers include: independent software vendors (ISVs) who add value to their products by using the powerful zero-deployment functionality of Servoy to write applications for vertical markets; as well as in- house software developers who take advantage of Servoy's easy-to-use interface to create custom telemedicine applications both for internal use and to expand their humanitarian efforts.

Servoy has customers in more than 30 countries. Servoy is headquartered in the Netherlands with a wholly-owned subsidiary in the USA. Servoy USA, Inc. is located in the greater Los Angeles area and has high-tech customers across the nation. Other countries are served through a network of Servoy distributors and resellers.

Thousands of customers rely today on Servoy software including: Sony; Procter & Gamble; Wells Fargo; USGS; UCLA; Stanford Medical; Technicolor; and many more.



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