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This Rich Internet Application Provides an End User Experience That Is Similar To Client/Server Applications, With a Rich Graphical User Interface and Responsive Performance

August 23, 2006; 09:31 AM
Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c41052) has announced the addition of Rich Internet Applications: Market Trends and Technologies to their offering.

Two of the often conflicting desires in IT are the need for rich user interfaces that maximize a user's productivity on the one hand and the desire to decentralize computing so that a user can gain access to the widest base of IT assets at the lowest possible cost on the other. These two forces are at odds because rich client interfaces, until recently, have only been possible in certain limited scenarios in which the business logic and computing resources were combined with the interface.

However, a new class of presentation layer is emerging in the marketplace. This Rich Internet Application provides an end user experience that is similar to client/server applications, with a rich graphical user interface, responsive performance and highly interactive functionality. As companies desire richer interaction between their Web Services-based applications and the users of those applications, Rich Internet Applications will continue to gain prominence in the enterprise. Users will increasingly demand the ability to present very large data sets to a dispersed audience without sacrificing the economics that Web applications or the rich user experience that traditional client/server applications provide.

While significant attention and hype have recently been placed on emerging RIA technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), there are still many questions about precisely what business problems are driving RIA adoption. Furthermore, is the RIA class of applications merely a flash in the pan soon to be subsumed by a more potent solution to business problems, or is there sustainability and repeatability in RIA solutions that provide long-lasting and compelling value to businesses? As such, this report aims to tackle the following questions to help establish the current state of the RIA market, quantify business trends, and postulate the future of the RIA markets.

Content Titles Include:

I. The Increasing Impact of Rich Internet Applications

II. The Evolving Rich Internet Application Markets

III. RIA Market Trends

IV. Conclusions

Market Overview:

- Combining real-time user interaction with rich user interface capabilities, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) leverage increasingly sophisticated client-side technology to enable users to interact with and compose functionality from distributed applications no matter where they are located.

- The market for RIA solutions consists of three submarkets focused on delivering RIA components, environments, or extensions to IDE suites.

- There are four primary means for providing RIA capabilities: Flash VM-based approaches; approaches that use JavaScript and HTML, also known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), approaches that use Java applets or ActiveX controls; and Custom-developed Client Code developed with Java or .NET languages.

Future Trends

- A set of six key business applications are motivating overall RIA spending consisting of enhancement of existing web applications, high-transaction and event-driven Internet applications, next-generation portals, enhanced business intelligence solutions, application modernization, and peer-to-peer or mashup solutions.

- We expect spending on each of these areas to increase rapidly over the next five years, exceeding $500 million by 2011.

The Companies Mentioned inside Report:

- Adobe
- JackBe
- BackBase
- Altio
- Curl
- General Interface
- Macromedia
- Microsoft
- ICESoft
- Laszlo Systems
- SCO Group

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c41052

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