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Nexaweb Studio 2.4 Simplifies Rich Internet Application and Enterprise Web 2.0 Development with Enhanced UI Design and Data Integration Features

New Features Enable Enterprises to Build and Deploy Rich, Composite Applications via the Web; Increase Productivity, Reduce Development Time, and Lower Costs

August 23, 2006; 03:17 AM
 Nexaweb Technologies, Inc., provider of a leading standards-based platform for building and deploying Enterprise Web 2.0 (EW2.0) applications, announced the availability of Nexaweb Studio 2.4 -- the latest version of its Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) toolset.

Nexaweb Studio 2.4, a component of the Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite, offers enterprise Web developers, J2EE/Java developers and software engineers a standards-based visual design environment for creating EW2.0 applications. Nexaweb's Enterprise Web 2.0 solutions enable customers to leverage Rich Internet Application (RIA), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and traditional enterprise technologies to deliver composite business applications with a rich user interface (UI) via the Web.

"Today, consumer and enterprise users alike are demanding more from their online experiences," said Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst with ZapThink. As a result, enterprises are leveraging the convergence of SOA and Web 2.0 technologies to retire their static Web pages and inflexible portal applications in favor of new online applications that behave more like the desktop applications they are used to. Technologies like Nexaweb's Studio 2.4 that simplify and speed the development of data-driven, composite applications are going to be a critically important tool as enterprises build and deploy next-generation online business applications and concepts such as enterprise mashups, collaborative intelligence solutions and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)."

Nexaweb Studio 2.4 builds on the success of early versions of its plug-ins that provide additional Eclipse Perspectives with enhanced UI design, business logic development and data integration capabilities that speed the development of EW2.0 applications. The new and enhanced features offered in Nexaweb Studio 2.4 include:

    --  Nexaweb Business Logic Development -- An enhanced Event Wizard
        guides users through the steps required to connect business
        logic to UI components. Business logic resides between the
        presentation-tier and the data-tier in an application. Event
        handlers are used to connect the business logic to the
        presentation tier (UI components). Studio 2.4 eliminates the
        need for users to remember which types of events are available
        for a given component type, which elements are required to
        make the connection and the exact XML syntax.

    --  Nexaweb Data -- A new data interface provides a flexible and
        powerful approach to binding UI components to data through a
        data component directory. The interface presents Web
        application designers with a comprehensive list of data
        components that make it easy to identify and select data to
        bind to a UI component without having to manually code XML or
        manually open data files in separate views. Additionally, when
        data wizards are invoked, the context (the component selected
        at the time the wizard is invoked) is used to pre-populate
        form fields wherever possible.

        The new data interface includes support to browse the content
        of a XML or object-based data source. The data source schema
        is extracted and displayed such that the fields may be
        reviewed and connected to a UI component via drag-and-drop.
        Drag-and-drop capabilities are available among many other
        views and appropriate wizards are invoked based on the UI and
        data component types.

    --  Nexaweb Visual Editor -- New Panel Templates reduce the time
        required to develop UIs and eliminate the need for learning
        the nuances of specific layout managers. For experienced
        users, several new templates are available that provide
        predefined panels, menus, and controls for quickly creating
        UIs that mirror common UI metaphors. For new users, there are
        new templates that clearly demonstrate layout manager

"Cost management and time-to-market continue to be top priorities for every application development organization," said Coach Wei, founder and CTO at Nexaweb Technologies, Inc. "With our customers in mind, we made ease-of-use and data integration enhancements our focus with Nexaweb Studio 2.4. New wizards, interfaces, and templates simplify the creation of Enterprise Gadgets and re-usable components that link UI widgets to multiple Web services, enterprise data and business logic to give customers and their development team's a competitive advantage in building richer, thinner, faster business-critical Internet applications."

Availability and Pricing

Nexaweb Studio 2.4 is available immediately. Pricing for Nexaweb Studio 2.4 starts at $1,495.

Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Solution

The Nexaweb Platform -- is a robust, scalable product set that separates business logic from application presentation to simplify the development and deployment of EW2.0 applications. The Nexaweb Platform is composed of three components:

    --  Nexaweb Conductors -- High-performance, declarative XML UI
        engines that run in any browser, delivering services that
        support light weight, reliable EW2.0 applications across
        multiple client technologies

    --  Nexaweb Internet Message Bus (IMB) -- Increases user
        productivity by intelligently managing communication between
        Web servers and clients, enabling consistent high-performance
        over any bandwidth, and any kind of network

    --  Nexaweb Enterprise Services -- A set of J2EE 2.3-complaint
        resources (Servlets, Listeners) which intelligently manages
        all elements of application presentation and enterprise
        integration to provide a highly scalable solution that reduces
        operational costs

Nexaweb Studio

Nexaweb Studio is a plug-in to popular Eclipse IDEs that reduces development costs by making it easier and faster to develop thin-client, high-performance EW 2.0 applications.

Nexaweb Modernization Services

Nexaweb's Modernization Services combine Nexaweb's engineering expertise and the Nexaweb EW2.0 Platform to help enterprise customers quickly migrate their legacy client/server applications to the Internet without sacrificing functionality, usability, or performance, and ISVs bring browser-based applications to market rapidly and at a lower cost than traditional application development.

About Nexaweb

Nexaweb Technologies, Inc. provides the leading standards-based platform for building and deploying Enterprise Web 2.0 (EW2.0) applications. Today, there are more than 5,000 business critical applications deployed on Nexaweb. Some of Nexaweb's key customers and partners include: ARTstor, EMC, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, IBM and Oracle. For more information, visit www.nexaweb.com or call (781) 345-5500.

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