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8 Dimensions Launches Networked Media Center PC Software with Customizable AJAX Front-End

July 24, 2006; 03:29 AM
8 Dimensions International LLC has launched the next generation networked Media Center PC software TVedia 4.0.

TVedia media center software turns user’s ordinary PC into a networked Media Center with stunning Flash like graphical experience and superior networking capabilities for both home network and the Internet.

TVedia media center software helps users manage large music and video collections, and automates the process as much as possible. Users can use a media library importer to help them organize media library automatically or semi-automatically for music, video and pictures. Acoustic fingerprinting technology is used to identify a song without the need of any user entered meta information. Music cover art and artist images are downloaded automatically. Very large music library can quickly be accessed, even over the home network (via UPnP). File system monitor keeps media library up to date without the need to re-import media files

TVedia media center software provides the best user interface to make digital content even more enjoyable. TVedia's full screen Flash like dynamic user interface works on graphics cards with or without 3D acceleration. 3D user interface and effects are available through TVedia media center software without the need of the much delayed Windows Vista, and the associated high hardware requirements. Windows Media Center edition (MCE) like user interface is for the first time available outside of MCE.

TVedia media center software supports purchased digital content playback. TVedia is the first Media Center PC software that supports playback of both Windows Media DRM protected files, and iTunes Music Store purchased music. Users can now access music collection from different sources within a single application using the same user interface.

TVedia media center software integrates tightly with various online services. Much of the digital content today is online, accessible over the Internet. TVedia serves as a portal on your full screen PC display, or TV set (if connected to the PC), to this vast library of digital media. TVedia integrates with Flickr, Live365, YouTube, Google Video, and Last.fm among other online content providers. Users can easily access pictures on Flickr, upload photos to Flickr, listen to online radio on Live365, and watch online video on YouTube and Google Video from 10ft Media Center interface in TVedia. The unique FlickrShow feature can even play slideshow related to music artists while users are listening to music. And content from Last.fm helps users explore the world of music.

TVedia media center software supports networked digital media devices. Today's digital media home no longer relies on a single digital media device. Many consumers own multiple digital media playback devices and multiple digital media storage devices. TVedia media center software innovates on top of the open UPnP protocol to bring the distributed network of digital media devices together. TVedia media center software is both a UPnP media server and a client. TVedia media client can seamlessly aggregate digital media content from multiple UPnP media servers on the same home network. Users don't need to care about which device serves what content, and where it's accessed; TVedia provides a consistent experience. For example, you can stop playback of a movie in one room, and resume playback from a different room.

TVedia media center software allows users to customize the experience with open architecture and open source front-end. TVedia is designed with a very flexible architecture. Its XML+JavaScript based front-end can be modified by advanced users to suit special needs. New modules can be developed and augment the existing front-end. The complete TVedia's front-end JavaScript source code is available for users to customize.

TVedia 4.0 retails for $34.95. It can be downloaded at http://www.8dim.com/download/default.asp?linkid=press with a 15-day trial period.

More information about the TVedia 4.0 product can be found at http://www.8dim.com/products/default.asp?linkid=press

About 8 Dimensions International LLC

8 Dimensions International LLC (http://www.8dim.com) was founded in August, 2002. As a software maker for PC based Media Center systems, it is committed to help audio and video enthusiasts realize their “dream system.” With 3 major releases of the flagship TVedia product, 8 Dimensions is a leader in the field of PC based Media Center systems.




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