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Dennemeyer Announces Next Release of DIAMS-XE with AJAX Interface

July 20, 2006; 09:40 AM
Dennemeyer & Co. has announced the release of DIAMS-XE Version 3.0, with enhanced features to enable both corporations and law firms to manage their patents, trademarks and other intellectual assets. Dennemeyer's DIAMS-XE system is the industry's only Microsoft Certified solution built to optimize the full management lifecycle of intellectual assets, including modules for Invention Management, Patent Docketing, Portfolio Management, Trademark Docketing, Licensing, IP Matter Management and Financial Tracking.

"Dennemeyer has a rich history of innovation and continuous improvement, and our new release is but another example of our team's dedication to bringing value-added solutions to the market," explained Ralph Schroeder, President of Dennemeyer North America. "As our client base of both corporations and law firms continues to grow, we appreciate the recognition we are getting in the market for our technology and market solution strategy."

With Version 3, DIAMS-XE has introduced enhancements throughout the solution suite, including improvements to financial tracking, inventor award / remuneration management, workflow management, searching, reporting and analysis, and tighter integration with Microsoft's Office Suite. In addition, DIAMS-XE now offers advanced usability features by the deployment of key AJAX technologies throughout the user interface. "Working closely with our clients and the industry, we understand very well the key capabilities organizations require for world-class IP management," said Hema Kadali, Dennemeyer's Chief Software Architect. "Our technology architecture and the team's development skills allow us to lead the industry from both a technology and business perspective."

The new version is immediately available, and Dennemeyer is currently involved in a number of deployment projects with leaders in the IP industry.

About Dennemeyer and DIAMS-XE

Since pioneering the Intellectual Property (IP) outsourcing industry over 40 years ago, Dennemeyer has established itself as the premier resource for full-service, global IP management solutions. With a diverse client-base including some of the world's most highly regarded IP organizations, Dennemeyer's reputation for high-quality, cost-effective solutions is unmatched in the industry. DIAMS-XE, Dennemeyer's IAM software solution, provides a leading, enterprise-class software solution for managing all aspects of intellectual property, including modules for patents, trademarks, license agreements and other IP matters. Based on Microsoft's .NET Framework, DIAMS-XE is a browser-based application that provides the industry's most advanced XML / web services architecture and components. For more information about DIAMS-XE and Dennemeyer's products and services, please visit http://www.dennemeyer.com .

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