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Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity Using YASU Technologies QuickRules.Net 3.0 BRMS

July 19, 2006; 03:10 AM
YASU Technologies, a provider of innovative cross-platform BRM solutions for Java/J2EE and .NET technologies, announced the availability of the QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS. This version of its QuickRules.NET BRMS platform has been designed with a number of feature additions and enhancements that make business rule management faster and more intuitive.

"The introduction of FlowRulesets and integration with the industry standard MS-Office means that the QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS offers significant improvement in usability and productivity over previous releases of the platform. The product team is constantly striving towards helping enterprises rule-enable their biggest and most complex systems, and we believe that we have come a long way in achieving that aim with this release," says Rajagopalan N, Product Manager, QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS.

Integration with MS-Office
The QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS integrates with Visio and MS-Excel to improve usability and productivity of the toolset. Business rules in decision table format can be directly imported / exported from MS-Excel spreadsheets, while sequential rules are created using Visio.

Improved collaboration between Business, IT, and the Data Center
The QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS features facilitate increased collaboration between Business, IT and the Data Center by allowing a central Repository to manage access, versions, the audit trail and alerts for business rules. This reduces the efforts required for knowledge transfer, co-ordination between the different groups, and business activities such as compliance.

Increased Productivity   
Improved usability features in the QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS support handling large number of decision table rows in the RuleBuilder GUI. The WebEditor has also been enhanced to use Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), improving the performance, scalability and usability of the rule governance toolset. Data center administrators now have the ability to move "approved" rule versions from development to UAT to production using the new wizard provided with the Repository.

Other Benefits
Performance improvements of up to 600% in the QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS Repository allow larger number of engines and users to be connected to the Repository simultaneously. This drastically reduces H/W costs and memory requirements.

Learn more about QuickRules.NET 3.0 BRMS at: http://www.yasutech.com/products/quickrulesdotnetse/index.htm

About YASU Technologies
YASU is a pioneer in the enterprise business rules management solutions space addressing the needs for analysis and simulation as well as inter-operability between Java/J2EE and .NET as part of its complete business rules lifecycle offering. The QuickRules BRMS has been used by 130+ customers, and has 30+ partners – it has closely monitored by analyst firms across the world. For more information, visit: http://www.yasutech.com/products

Vish Desai
Business Development Manager
YASU Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Hyderabad, AP, India
(+91) 40 2776 3991

Sudheer Gentela
VP, Sales and Marketing
YASU Technologies Inc.
Santa Clara, CA, USA
(+1) 408 830 0124



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