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Zimbra Launches ZCS On Salesforce.com's AppExchange

May 26, 2006; 05:26 AM

Zimbra and Salesforce.com  announced the availability of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) for salesforce.com's AppExchange. Zimbra and the Zimbra Collaboration Suite will be part of a live keynote demonstration of new AppExchange partner applications hosted by Tony Perkins, founder and editor of Always On. The announcement was made at Appforce, salesforce.com's first annual AppExchange partner, user and developer conference.

AppExchange, salesforce.com's on-demand platform, allows customers and partners to build powerful new applications quickly and easily, customize and integrate the Salesforce suite to meet their unique business needs, and distribute and sell on-demand apps. With Zimbra available on the AppExchange, salesforce.com customers can now benefit from deeply integrating their e-mail and messaging service directly within their Salesforce implementation.

Zimbra's flagship product, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is an open source, enterprise collaboration system that reduces the cost and complexity of collaboration, and changes the way users and administrators interact with their e-mail and calendaring applications. On the back end, the ZCS includes integrated search, single-copy mail store, discovery, anti-spam and anti-virus/security capabilities; on the front end, a rich, full-featured, AJAX-based Web client brings e-mail and calendar items to life through Web mash-ups with services like Salesforce.

"Zimbra's entry into the Salesforce AppExchange shines the spotlight on the innovation that on demand and web services can bring to the market," said Satish Dharmaraj. "Zimbra is committed to innovating in order to make business collaboration better for the end user and to maximize a company's IT investment." "Zimbra is an excellent example of the power of on-demand computing and The Business Web," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, salesforce.com.

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite for AppExchange is one of more than 250 applications created by salesforce.com, its customers and partners that are now available on the salesforce.com AppExchange, the world's first on-demand application platform. AppExchange provides unprecedented ease of customization and integration for Salesforce deployments, as well as enabling a whole new generation of on-demand applications that go beyond CRM. AppExchange enables all of these on-demand applications to be easily shared, exchanged and installed with one click into a customer's salesforce.com account.



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