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SYS-CON Announces Two New Books: "Real-World AJAX" and "Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 2.0 & Java"

May 24, 2006; 07:02 AM

SYS-CON Books (www.books.sys-con.com) announced today the forthcoming publication of two comprehensive and up-to-date books devoted to every aspect of AJAX technologies and Rich Internet Applications in the greater context of the overall "Web 2.0" spectrum.

A process, not a technology, AJAX is changing the landscape of the Web. Armed with this book, you can become a part of that change. "Real-World AJAX: Secrets of the Masters" not only showcases the history, the process, and the inspiration, it also helps you design actual AJAX applications using JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the Document Object Model (DOM), and XMLHttpRequestObject.

The twelve authors of the book have been involved in using AJAX since its beginning, many of them long before it ever became named "AJAX." Rather than staying at the platform-agnostic level, the book will provide developers with real-world examples in all the main server-side technologies such as PHP, Java, .NET, and ColdFusion. And it includes the most detailed and comprehensive overview of Mobile AJAX ever published.

Aimed at everyone from enterprise developers to self-taught scripters, "Real-World AJAX: Secrets of the Masters" is the perfect book for anyone who wants to understand the basics of AJAX and will appeal equally to the enthusiast, Web developer, and corporate developer. It will help them implement AJAX in a better way. Advanced developers who want to enhance their AJAX skills will find the detailed code examples in the final four chapters particularly valuable.

This book is a practical course that drills down into developing, debugging, testing, deploying, and maintaining real-world Rich Internet Apps.

With a separate chapter specially crafted for Java developers who need to grasp the similarities and differences of RIA and JEE environments, "Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 2.0 & Java: Secrets of the Masters" examines how the RIA technology platform has matured from the design-centric approach of Flash towards the declarative programming model of Flex (the book will cover the upcoming Flex 2.0 release).

The authors explore the similarities and differences between HTML/AJAX solutions and Flex, and provide examples on using Flex with workflow, messaging, and data services. The book includes code snippets that will jump-start the coding process and enable you to leverage many of the exciting features of Flex. By reusing the code in the samples you should be able to add many modern features, such as rich media, communications, and interoperability with other programs, to your applications.

The closing chapter of "Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 2.0 & Java: Secrets of the Masters" presents Flex project organization best practices that are aimed at simplifying and boosting the productivity of code management during the full project life cycle: development, debugging, testing, quality assurance, product deployment, and maintenance. By following the authors' guidelines, you should be able consistently deliver highly scalable, maintainable, and robust Rich Internet Applications with Flex.

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SYS-CON Events, Inc. (www.events.sys-con.com) is the world's leading producer of i-technology conferences, seminars and expos, including SOA Web Services Edge -- International Web Services Conference, Enterprise Open Source Conference, "Real-World AJAX" Seminar Series (www.ajaxseminar.com), and iTVcon -- Internet TV Conference & Expo 2006 (www.itvcon.com) and AjaxWorld Conference & Expo (www.ajaxworldconference.com).




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