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OASIS CRM Releases Version 2.0 With Dynamic AJAX Dashboards

May 22, 2006; 05:25 AM
KnowTia Corporation announced that the OASIS CRM product line will now be enhanced with an all new Version 2.0. New features include integrated AJAX dashboards, blanket order management as well as an overall enhancing of the previous user-friendly interface. These features coupled with their already existent real-time integration with both BusinessVision® 32 & QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Entrprise solutions make OASIS CRM truly a standalone "Total Business Solution."

KnowTia Corporation began vigorously pursuing the integration of AJAX into aspects of the main OASIS CRM interface over for this past year, as they have viewed this as the future of CRM platforms. AJAX empowers users of the OASIS CRM system to dynamically pull valuable data into the interface without the need for web page refreshing. AJAX also allows for data to be silently pulled from the server without any disruption to the user. The ability to have instantaneous search populations and refreshing dashboard graphs in a web environment further proves KnowTia's desire to stand apart from its' competitors.

Oasis CRM logo.

Another crucial aspect of OASIS CRM is the tight integration it offers to both QuickBooks & BusinessVision accounting packages. This incredible feature empowers business owners the ability to have their employees pull critical financial information about their client base without sacrificing their company's financials. This in turn allows for a constant loop of client data which is consistently flowing throughout OASIS CRM and their accounting system; which further empowers businesses with the ability to manage customers, products and services more professionally & successfully -- saving them valuable time, money and resources.

Other key benefits that KnowTia offers are:

--  Contact Based, not Account Based CRM System
-- Complete Order Management (Including Fulfillment)
-- Easy To Use & Customizable Web Based Interface
-- Comprehensive Contract, Warranty and Service Management
-- Multi-Tasking Capabilities for Customer Support
-- Automated Sales Order & Invoice Operations
-- Marketing/ Lead Promotional Management
-- Complete Inventory Management
For corporate clients and those who have outgrown their small business applications, KnowTia offers an all encompassing solution, known as the OASIS CRM System. This product is the true total office solution; it offers valuable unprecedented functionality and feature sets such as integrated web portals, offline capabilities, and a "real-time transfer" of BusinessVision & QuickBooks contact, inventory and sales information; that make your daily business operations as efficient and effective as possible.

About KnowTia Corporation

Founded in 2001, KnowTia Corporation is currently headquartered in Tampa, FL. OASIS CRM is the fourth successful solution that KnowTia has presented to the small business market. KnowTia's "Total Business CRM Philosophy" handles almost every client and financial aspect of any business. As a QuickBook & BusinessVision partner KnowTia has become an efficient and cost effective solution for almost any business' owner's CRM needs. For more information about KnowTia's product lines and services please visit KnowTia's websites at http://www.OASISCRM.com or call 1.866.KnowTia.

Jeffrey White
Vice President, Sales
KnowTia Corporation
Direct (813) 314-2168
Toll Free 866.KnowTia Ext. 701



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