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Open AJAX Innovators Laszlo Systems and The Dojo Foundation Announce Strategic Partnership

April 28, 2006; 02:33 AM
Laszlo Systems, the corporate sponsor of the open source advanced Ajax application development platform, OpenLaszlo, today announced a strategic technical partnership agreement with the Dojo Foundation, the popular community-driven open source project behind the Ajax software library, the Dojo Toolkit. Under this agreement, the Dojo Toolkit will be licensed for use in Laszlo’s open source projects and Laszlo, in turn, will contribute libraries to the Dojo Foundation, thereby furthering the advancement of the growing Ajax and open source communities at large.

Laszlo recently revealed that by the end of this year developers using OpenLaszlo will have the option to deploy their applications in Dynamic HTML (DHTML), in addition to the Flash runtime option that is currently available. Now by licensing the Dojo Toolkit and engaging the Foundation’s vast community of contributors, OpenLaszlo’s DHTML development will significantly benefit from the most robust, comprehensive library of cross-browser solutions and resources existing today. Laszlo will likewise make substantial contributions to the Dojo Foundation, enriching the overall functionality of the Toolkit and benefiting the Ajax development community in the process.

“We are pleased that Laszlo is so actively supporting non-proprietary development solutions and establishing their commitment to the future of Ajax, as evidenced by today’s announcement,” said Alex Russell, co-founder of the Dojo Toolkit. "We’re looking forward to working together on Laszlo’s DHTML runtime now, and also towards a more integrated Ajax solution for Web application developers in the future."

"This is what open source is all about—combining communities and resources in order to enable a better solution and foster lasting change," said David Temkin, founder and CTO at Laszlo. "We’re excited to add Dojo to our growing list of supporters and couldn’t ask for a better partner as we continue to broaden OpenLaszlo’s unified runtimes and development capabilities."

Both Laszlo and Dojo are founding members of the Open Ajax technology collaboration, which they established along with industry titans IBM, Oracle, BEA, RedHat, Yahoo!, Google and others earlier this year.

"We worked across the industry to create Open Ajax in order to bring together disparate Ajax development environments, and to create a central body that would eventually determine the evolution of Ajax development standards and best practices," said David Boloker, chief technology officer of Emerging Internet Technologies, IBM Software Group. "Today’s announcement embodies the basis of Open Ajax’s principles and is a great win for the industry as a whole."

To learn more about OpenLaszlo and to see a live demonstration of a sample OpenLaszlo application being run on both Flash and DHTML, visit www.openlaszlo.org. Training and support for OpenLaszlo, including tutorials on Laszlo's dynamic language, LZX, is available at www.laszlosystems.com.

About The Dojo Foundation

The Dojo Foundation is home to a broad community of JavaScript developers dedicated to building Open Source JavaScript infrastructure and applications. Foundation projects include the Dojo Toolkit and Open Record. Included in a growing number of server-side frameworks and responsive Web applications, the Dojo Toolkit provides a solid basis for the creation of compelling Web experiences based on open standards.

For more information on the Toolkit, Open Record, and the Foundation, visit www.dojotoolkit.org.

About Laszlo Systems

Laszlo Systems is the original developer of OpenLaszlo, the leading open source platform for building and deploying Web 2.0 applications. OpenLaszlo technology has been widely adopted by application and service providers in the consumer, enterprise, education and government markets. Laszlo Systems provides updates, training and support for OpenLaszlo and offers rich-experience web-based digital life applications such as Laszlo Mail, built on OpenLaszlo.

For more information about San Mateo, Calif.-based Laszlo Systems, visit www.laszlosystems.com.



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