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"Mondosoft Integration Services'' Extends Search Functionality to Third-Party Applications via AJAX Interfaces

April 25, 2006; 02:07 AM
Mondosoft, a pioneer in Enterprise Search and Behavior Analytics, announced the availability of Mondosoft Integration Services, a new toolkit allowing Mondosoft partners to easily add powerful search and search analytics capabilities and build customized applications fine-tuned to customers' requirements.

Mondosoft Integration Services is a Web Service that provides a new point of entry to Mondosoft's product suite. It enables a licensee to tap into search data and analytics functionality without being limited by a pre-defined user interface, as it decouples the search engine from its out-of-the-box presentation. For developers, Mondosoft Integration Services liberates data and allows search functionality to be integrated into knowledge management applications in new, creative ways.

Stephen E. Arnold, author of The Enterprise Search Report, commented: "Most search engine vendors talk about Web Services but Mondosoft has taken the notion a step further. Mondosoft is one of the first--if not the first--search systems to extend search-centric Web services inward towards Intranet users, outwards to Internet users of a public Web page, and across boundaries for password protected Extranets with customized views for each user or user group."

Thanks to its simplified programming interface, Mondosoft Integration Services lowers the barrier to integration and enables Mondosoft technology partners and system integrators to tightly integrate MondoSearch, InformationManager and BehaviorTracking with CMS solutions like Sitecore and EPiServer and other applications such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. The new development toolset controls crawling and indexing from within third-party applications.

The Mondosoft approach permits seamless access to Microsoft XP, Advanced Server, and Vista functions and enables a partner or licensee to extend the reach of the search system and its analytics components into AJAX interfaces. The Mondosoft implementation extends the functionality to other operating systems and content management systems, including those running on UNIX and Linux.

"Mondosoft Integration Services is a strategic technology advancement that unlocks access to search and behavior analytics information. It corresponds to our partners' demand for a unifying tool that closely integrates content sources to quickly and efficiently build vertical applications across multiple data sources, programming languages, and software applications and add value," said Jens Bengaard, Mondosoft CTO.

Mondosoft Integration Services is available to Mondosoft technology and system integration partners on a developer license basis. For more information, log on to partner/mondosoft.com.

About Mondosoft

Mondosoft provides technology that enables enterprises and mid-sized companies to maximize the return on investment of their knowledge aggregation and online marketing efforts. Mondosoft produces information retrieval systems and search and optimization tools that function as business intelligence systems based on the knowledge creation and retrieval process.

Mondosoft supports a large number of portal and content management applications including Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft CMS and Microsoft Commerce Server.

The company's product line consists of an advanced, multi-lingual search engine suite (MondoSearch(TM), BehaviorTracking(TM), InformationManager(TM)) and a cutting-edge taxonomy toolset (Ontolica(R)), providing business intelligence on information creation, search, retrieval and usage of the information. Mondosoft provides a range of automatic and manual information optimization tools and modules that enable organizations to conduct retrieval and creation optimization on the corporate knowledge creation process.

Mondosoft customers include Bosch, Burger King Corporation, Coleman. Hilton Hotels, Honeywell Process Solutions, Microsoft, Overnight Transportation, People's Bank, Shell Oil, Siemens, SimCorp, The Swiss Army, TDC, The Vatican Holy See and United Technologies. Founded in 1998, Mondosoft has dual headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and Palo Alto, California, as well as branch offices in Asia and Europe. For further information, please visit www.mondosoft.com.

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