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Free JavaScript Counters by Easy-Poll.com

April 21, 2006; 02:49 AM
Easy-poll.com offers web counters in many innovative patterns, adapted to each and any website or blog.

Everything on their offer is completely free of charge.

Their counters adapt to the look of any site on the net. Every user of the service receives their counter along with graphical hit statistics, thanks to which they are able to monitor detailed information concerning users visiting their web page.

* information about unique users
* accurate graphical statistics
* information about your website hits
* keywords following which the visits were made
* visitor’s computer address
* the Internet browser used
* the operating system used
* the address of the page from which the visit was     made
* 10 recently searched phrases
* resolutions used by your website visitors
* detailed analysis of the most recent visitors

The counters works by inserting a small piece of code in each webpage. This code consists of JavaScript. Whenever the webpage is hit, the code is executed and the easy-poll database records the hit and other details, which are then shown to the user in the form of graphical reports.

Additional features:

* yes or no poll
* notifier
* multiple-choice poll
* clock for your blog
* search engine
* graphic clock for your webpage or blog
* name day management system
* clock and date
* and other tools for your webpage

The short sign-up procedure requires only 2 minutes of your time and the absolutely free-of-charge and accurate statistics are all yours. You can access your account any time of day and night 7 days a week.




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