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AJAX-Enabled Operations Console Flux 7.1 Released

Flux 7.1's web-based Operations Console is now Ajax-enabled; jobs and workflows can be monitored in near-real-time through a web browser.

March 28, 2006; 01:16 AM
Flux is a Java job scheduler, workflow engine, and business process management (BPM) engine. Flux is targeted at Java software development teams and the operations staffs who run the applications built by the Java development teams.

Flux 7.1's web-based Operations Console is now Ajax-enabled. Jobs and workflows can be monitored graphically in near-real-time through a web browser.

A video (64 seconds, Flash, 5 MB streaming video) illustrating this Ajax-enabled near-real-time graphical monitoring of jobs and workflows through the Flux Operations Console is available online.

Flux 7.1 also adds agents. Agents allow system processes to be executed on remote computers to increase overall system throughput and to allow processes to run on computers that contain unique resources.

Furthermore, Flux 7.1's business process management (BPM) functionality has been improved. Business process "owners" can be configured on a business process. Owners of a business process represent users or roles with primary responsibility for ensuring the smooth execution of a business process.

With Flux 7.1, business process owners can check on the status of any business process that they own in order to visualize the status of the business processes over which they exercise primary responsibility. This visualization — or visibility into the state of a business process — is a crucial mechanism for process owners who need to know the status of their processes.

Finally, a myriad of other improvements have been added to both the Flux Java APIs and the Flux web-based and desktop user interfaces.




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