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Exadel Launches Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0, AJAX Automated for JSF Application Developers

Rich Component Framework Allows Development Teams Tremendous Control Over Appearance and Style to Dramatically Improve User Experience Through Web 2.0

March 23, 2006; 04:07 AM

CONCORD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 20, 2006--Exadel, Inc., a leading provider of software, services, and support that enable companies to create mission-critical business applications based on open source and Java(TM) technologies, today announced general availability of Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0, a rich component framework for the development of business applications based on JavaServer Faces (JSF).

Offering unique and unmatched AJAX support, Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 provides a high level of abstraction for developing component-based rich Web applications while hiding the complexities of underlying technologies. Its revolutionary design represents the beginning of an industry paradigm shift in development; from hand-crafted development to an industrial way of composing applications from components.

"JSF, a Web component framework, is the only standard Java Web framework," said Richard Monson-Haefel, senior analyst for Burton Group. "AJAX, which makes Web sites more responsive, is enjoying an avalanche of grass roots support because of its portability and seamless integration with HTML. Together, JSF and AJAX offer the benefits of standardization with a rich internet experience; a combination that will be attractive to many organizations."

A complete out-of-the-box solution that boasts a robust visual library of AJAX components, Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 extends JSF development environments by offering three key elements: Components, which help companies dramatically improve their time to market and quality to market; AJAX-enabled components, which offer the ability to provide a rich user experience based on Web 2.0; and Skin-enabled components, which provide a highly customizable visual environment for building Web applications. Developers can immediately save time in taking advantage of these features to create Web applications faster and more reliably while easily being able to provide a greatly improved user experience.

    Major features of Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 include:

-- Access to the most used User Interface components

-- Easy customization of the look and feel of the User Interface

-- Themes

-- Skins

-- Unmatched AJAX support:

-- JSF Components with built-in AJAX support

-- Easy way to add AJAX capability to existing JSF components

-- Add AJAX capability without writing any JavaScript code

-- Client-side debug panel for tracking AJAX requests

-- Full support for JSF lifecycle using AJAX

-- Advanced 3-D User Interface

-- Easy-to-add drag-and-drop functionality for Web applications

-- "Skinning" of different look-and-feel without replacing the
standard components

"Development teams and business application owners around the world today are under tremendous pressure to provide a rich, highly-functional user experience," said Fima Katz, founder and CEO, Exadel. "Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 provides an environment for delivering a significantly improved user experience (Web 2.0) while significantly reducing complexity and development time in building a User Interface."

Pricing and Availability

Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 is sold as an annual subscription per developer seat that includes all releases over the period of the subscription. Exadel plans to aggressively expand its platform, providing quarterly additions to the component library and additional functionality including more advanced integration with Exadel Studio, skin-enablement for MyFaces components, Skins designer and a components Debugger/Browser.

Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 is available for purchase and download on the Exadel Web site for $799 per annual subscription license. Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 bundled with Exadel(TM) Studio Pro, Exadel's advanced enterprise-level Web application development environment for leveraging open source and J2EE technologies within the Eclipse environment, is available for $899 per license. An upgrade to Exadel Visual Component Platform 1.0 for existing Exadel Studio Pro customers is available for $599 per license. A new purchase includes a one-year subscription for technical support and product updates including bug fixes and all major version releases that become available during the term of the subscription. To purchase or download Exadel products, please visit www.exadel.com.

About Exadel

Exadel, Inc. is a leading provider of software, services, and support that enable companies to create mission-critical business applications based on open source and Java technologies. Offering unmatched expertise at building reliable business solutions, Exadel solves real business problems for hundreds of domestic and international clients, including ABN AMRO Bank (www.mortgage.com), AT&T, Bank of America, eBay, Echopass, GE, Honeywell, and Time Warner. Exadel's fast, scalable and cost-effective solutions reduce application lifecycle costs and development time, eliminating vendor lock-in and improving overall client productivity.

Exadel's product line includes Exadel Studio Pro, the most advanced Web application development toolset designed for open source, which supports JSF, Struts, Hibernate, Spring and many other platforms. Exadel services include custom online and onsite training, Exadel Development Boost and Exadel Professional Services. Founded in 1998, Exadel is privately owned and located in the San Francisco Bay Area with development offices located in Chicago, Minsk, and Moscow. For more information, go to www.exadel.com or call 1.888.4EXADEL.

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