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TIBCO Brings Mature AJAX Technology to Everyone Now

Starting at Free, New TIBCO General Interfaceâ„¢ Release Reduces AJAX Development Risks

February 13, 2006; 02:41 PM
TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), a leading business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business, today announced the availability of TIBCO General Interface version 3.1 Professional Edition, which includes enhanced features and a bold new licensing and pricing model. The latest version of TIBCO’s award-winning Asynchronous, JavaScript and XML (AJAX) development framework and tooling brings the industry’s most mature AJAX technology to the far reaches of the developer community, offering a head start for building Rich Internet Applications based upon five years of proven enterprise deployments.

With the version 3.1 Professional Edition, TIBCO General Interface is being made available to build and test AJAX-enabled applications for free. Developers and organizations of any type pay nothing to deploy publicly. For non-public deployments, TIBCO offers affordable license purchasing options for small user groups. Now, developers looking to build AJAX-based applications can leverage the power of TIBCO General Interface Professional Edition to instantly add robust, feature-rich capabilities to their Web applications.

"We don’t want to impose a specific 'one-size-fits-all' approach to acquiring software," said Ram Menon, senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, TIBCO Software. "Our new pricing and licensing model brings the proven enterprise benefits of General Interface to every corner of the developer community. We believe that this differentiated strategy will provide the flexibility for individuals and organizations to choose the best approach for developing, testing and deploying Rich Internet Applications using one of the most mature tools available today."

The new release also features faster drag-and-drop visual authoring tools for standard XML & XSD, SOAP and WSDL communications, as well as HTTP/S GET and POST operations, dramatically reducing scripting time. In addition, users will have access to the TIBCO General Interface Developer Community, an existing online resource currently used by thousands of developers. And with its add-in architecture, TIBCO General Interface version 3.1 also enables additional 3rd party packages to easily plug into its development framework.

Unlike most Web development tools that require additional software such as plug-ins, Active-X controls or Java applets to be installed or added to the browser, TIBCO General Interface works with existing capabilities of the browser, enabling users to get a full featured application instantly from a URL. The product offers a significantly reduced development time and cost through use of familiar APIs, visual authoring tools, step-through debugging and extensible, reusable components. As testimony to the product’s maturity, the visual tools are themselves a Web-based application powered by TIBCO General Interface – a full AJAX IDE running as an AJAX application.

"With TIBCO General Interface, we’ve been able to create attractive and user-friendly Web applications in a very short period of time," said Herbert Quartel, developer, LogicaCMG. "The TIBCO General Interface toolkit promotes reuse and sharing of functionality. In fact, we were able to utilize the web services that were already in place to execute business transactions within a service-oriented architecture," added Quartel.

Availability and Pricing

  • TIBCO General Interface version 3.1 Professional Edition is now available free of charge for development, testing and public use
  • Non-public deployments to small user groups start at $499 for the TIBCO General Interface Professional Edition license option
  • Enterprise, ISV and OEM licensing are also available, backed by TIBCO’s enterprise license terms, support and services

The TIBCO General Interface Professional Edition is available for download at http://www.tibco.com/mk/gi/.

About TIBCO General Interface

TIBCO General Interface is made up of two components, TIBCO® General Interface Framework and TIBCO® General Interface Builder, which provide breakthrough development tools. First brought to market in 2001, the product has been used to build Web applications that have the rich features of desktop installed software, but the lower cost profile of web deployments. TIBCO General Interface has powered applications at Fortune 1000 companies and within the U.S. government for over four years. For more information, go to http://www.tibco.com/mk/gi/.


TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TIBX) is a leading business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business. Real-Time Business is about helping companies become more cost-effective, more agile and more efficient. TIBCO has delivered the value of Real-Time Business, what TIBCO calls The Power of Now®, to over 2,000 customers around the world and in a wide variety of industries. For more information on TIBCO's proven enterprise backbone, business integration, business process management, and business optimization solutions, TIBCO can be reached at +1 650-846-1000 or on the Web at www.tibco.com. TIBCO is headquartered in Palo Alto , CA.

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