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telerik r.a.d.controls Q1 2006 - Revolutionizing AJAX Development for ASP.NET

March 27, 2006; 04:49 AM

telerik Corporation, a leading enabler of AJAX development for ASP.NET announced the availability of telerik r.a.d.controls Q1 2006.

The new release introduces many key updates to the telerik set of UI controls, as well as streamlined AJAX interoperability across the whole suite. The updates empower ASP.NET developers to take the richness of desktop applications to the web and eliminate the complexities of writing advanced complex client-side code.

The major highlight of the Q1 2006 release is the “ajaxification” of all telerik ASP.NET UI controls - the out-of-the-box capability of telerik controls to initiate AJAX requests and update other controls on the page, or to get updated by a callback control. This unique interoperability is made possible with the new patent-pending technology of the telerik AJAX panel implemented in r.a.d.callback v2.0. The new AJAX panel replaces the postback behavior of ASP.NET controls without breaking the page life-cycle. Our technology allows you to “ajaxify” not only the telerik controls but also ANY standard ASP.NET control without having to write complex Java Script code.

“Ever since our first AJAX implementation we have tried to stay away from creating yet another complex AJAX framework. Our goal has always been simple - to change the way ASP.NET developers think and feel about AJAX. That’s why you don’t see any proprietary languages, broken page lifecycle, View State issues or complexity in our approach. It’s a bold statement, but with the Q1 2006 release we are offering unprecedented simplicity. The new enhancements in our AJAX framework and across the individual products allows both expert ASP.NET developers and people who are making their first steps with ASP.NET to create AJAX applications without running into problems” - says Hristo Kosev, CTO, telerik.

telerik r.a.d.tabstrip v3.0 is another landmark release in Q1 2006. The product’s rendering was completely re-engineered and v3.0 is the first implementation of a semantic navigational control for ASP.NET. Using telerik’s unique patent-pending technology, r.a.d.tabstrip renders as a set of list items rather than through tables or DIVs and its output was trimmed by more than 70%. All future major versions of telerik navigational controls will also start to use the new rendering technology and allow customers to benefit from the most optimized menu, panel and treeview controls.

r.a.d.controls Q1 2006 also introduces a major update of telerik’s award-winning HTML WYSIWYG editor. r.a.d.editor v6.0 offers great performance enhancements and is faster and lighter than ever before - the component now uses AJAX in all file browser dialogs. The ability to load files and folders on demand greatly improves the usability of the component and it also re-affirms the product’s robustness for enterprise applications with large file repositories.

“Performance has always been a key issue for us. That said, you have to be very creative when you want to offer the richest and at the same time the most lightweight products on the market”, says CEO Vassil Terziev. “What we have been able to achieve with r.a.d.grid and the new tabstrip 3.0 makes me believe that we are on the right track - we offer very powerful products which at the same time outperform competing products. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible and we will keep innovating and improving the performance of all telerik UI components.”

In addition to the 3 major updates and minor updates to the grid, combobox and treeview products, r.a.d.contorls Q1 2006 also includes an important update for r.a.d.calendar. The new v 1.5 adds a date picker control to the calendar and customers will no longer have to write code to implement advanced date picking functionality using r.a.d.calendar.
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Pricing and Availability
telerik r.a.d.controls Q1 2006 is available with Single Developer license at $799 and Single Developer Subscription license at $999. The Q1 update is free for all customers with an active Subscription and includes versions for both .NET 1.x and for .NET 2.0 (with full support for Visual Studio .NET 2005). All controls included in r.a.d.controls Q1 2006 are also available individually.

About telerik
telerik (http://www.telerik.com) is a leading vendor of ASP.NET UI components, content management solutions and add-ons for MCMS 2002 and SharePoint. Building on its expertise in interface development and revolutionizing the way AJAX is used, telerik products help developers take the richness and responsiveness of desktop applications to the web.




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