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11/30/06 - AOL and TopCoder Announce Web AIM Mashup Competition
11/30/06 - Excelsior JET 4.8 Reduces the Disk Footprint of Java Applications
11/30/06 - WorkflowGen Supports AJAX Enriched .Net Web Forms
11/29/06 - Bitrix Site Manager 5.1 Released; Includes New Features, AJAX Interface
11/29/06 - CollabNet Unveils New Global Community for Collaborative Software Development
11/29/06 - Social File-Sharing Network exaroom.com Launches New Social Networking and File-Sharing Features
11/29/06 - Visual Basic Use Plummets, Ajax Up 10%, Java Still the Leader
11/28/06 - Is Your Business Safe From Hackers? Find out with Acunetix SiteAudit
11/28/06 - PlanJam.com Re-Launches Social Planning Website with New Design and Ajax Technology
11/27/06 - Rackspace Announces Formula for Perfect Website
11/27/06 - Reality Digital Partners With Key European Technology Resellers to Expand Presence of User-Generated Content Platform
11/27/06 - New Ajax-Powered B2B Search Directory to be Launched in Hong Kong
11/24/06 - Mitsue-Links Releases Contact Management System
11/24/06 - Wiki Software Comparison Website WikiMatrix Turns One, Adds New Features
11/23/06 - xFX JumpStart Announces DHTML Menu Builder 4.20
11/23/06 - O'Reilly Releases "Learning JavaScript"
11/23/06 - CorraTech Aligns with SpikeSource to Deliver Integrated Business-Ready Open Source Applications
11/22/06 - Script.aculo.us 1.7 Nearly Done: Now with Morph Effects
11/22/06 - Award-winning Interactive Agency, Mindflood, Romances Fans and Clients with New "Seduction" Website
11/22/06 - Pentaho Introduces Web-Based Ad Hoc Query and Reporting
11/21/06 - Amberjack: A Lightweight JavaScript Library for Website Tours
11/21/06 - Fotango Announces Application Design Competition
11/21/06 - SmoothWall Adds New Security Features and Ajax Interface to Advanced Firewall
11/20/06 - Eclipse-Based JBuilder 2007 Accelerates Collaborative Development for Java, Open Source and the Web
11/20/06 - JBoss Unveils Core Technologies for Next-Generation Java EE 5.0 Application Server
11/20/06 - BlueTie Launches TieIn -- a Web Services Platform for Centralized Management and Custom Development
11/17/06 - froglogic Squish/Web Testing Tool Supports Firefox 2.0
11/16/06 - Attention Developers: Open Code Database Makes Code Sharing Social
11/16/06 - Microsoft Office Live Launched in the U.S., Available in Beta in France, Germany, U.K. and Japan
11/15/06 - Rapid7 Introduces Browser Emulation Scanning Technology for Detecting JavaScript Vulnerabilities in Web Applications
11/15/06 - WebSideStory Announces Analytics-Driven Web Content Management
11/15/06 - Big Nerd Ranch Announces PHP 5 Bootcamp Training
11/15/06 - mail.com Launches Ajax Webmail and Gigastore File Cabinet
11/15/06 - HitTail Adds Long Tail Metric
11/14/06 - Pandesa Announces ShareVault -- High Velocity Virtual Data Room
11/14/06 - Social Media Press Release Creation Tool Completes First Round Of Beta Tests
11/14/06 - ICEsoft Open Sources ICEfaces Enterprise Ajax Platform For Java EE
11/14/06 - "Digital Storytelling Software" MemoryMiner Updated
11/13/06 - Multiply Introduces New Version of Its "Personal Social Networking'' Site
11/13/06 - MP3.com Introduces New Online Tools to Help Independent Music Artists Gain Exposure
11/13/06 - URLic.com Uses Ajax to Shorten Long Hyperlink URLs
11/13/06 - Gomez Unveils Real-User Web Experience Measurement Service
11/13/06 - RGA Expands Outsourcing Technology Base
11/10/06 - New Version of Vivvo CMS Offers Full Mac/Safari Compatibility and a Range of New Features
11/10/06 - ThinkGeo's Map Suite Web Is Now Ajax-Enabled
11/09/06 - MarketWatch.com Integrates Ajax-Powered Contextual Module from Sphere
11/09/06 - Kapow Technologies Signs 200th Customer In First Fiscal Quarter as Web 2.0 Technologies Go Mainstream
11/09/06 - Hinchcliffe & Company Announces Web 2.0 University
11/09/06 - Novell Announces Mono 1.2 With Enhanced Support for .NET on Linux
11/08/06 - KnowledgeTree Document Management Software to Feature Major User Interface Enhancements

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