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The Gamers' Gallery -- Using AJAX to View Video Game Screenshots


Monday, April 2, 2007; 03:44 AM

The Gamers' Gallery (http://www.thegamersgallery.com), a new website dedicated to promoting video games through the sharing and discussion of game screenshots, has been launched. The Gamers' Gallery is a database-driven webportal combining the beauty and elegance of AJAX with the power and utility of PHP to provide a place where screenshots, game data and up-to-the-minute news can be centrally stored and made available to everyone.

Creator Nicholas Puleo describes this project as a personal "labor of love."

"The Gamers' Gallery was created because all other screenshot viewers are severely lacking. I really just wanted to create the best damn screenshot viewer on the Internet, and provide the fastest and easiest way to access information related to those screens."

Nathaniel Payne, a lackey of Puleo's working on the site, had this to say about the venture.

"Screenshots are usually sent to various game journalism websites. They end up being stored in separate silos of information, and it's difficult to pull all that information together. The goal of the Gamers' Gallery is to collect screenshots in one place, and match those screens up with the relevant data that will give you the details of any particular game. It's brilliant in its simplicity."

On the Gamers' Gallery, users are able to view the screenshots, vote on their popularity and leave comments. TGG also provides users the ability to subscribe to the site which allows them access to hi-resolution images and the ability to post their own screenshots for the community to vote on, as well as build their own custom webpage for the community. This service is only $9.99 per year.

Puleo says that this launch is the first step in the ongoing evolution of the site, and that new features will be constantly added as the project builds in relevance and momentum within the gaming community.

Nicholas Puleo goes by the alias "bapenguin" and is an Editor-in-Chief and an Administrator of the popular gaming community Evil Avatar (http://www.evilavatar.com).

Nathaniel Payne goes by the alias "Doctor Setebos" and is addicted to the Internet.

Stay tuned to thegamersgallery.com for more information.



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