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TrackAny.Biz Introduces Advanced Web Directory Features


Tuesday, March 13, 2007; 03:01 AM

TrackAny.Biz just announced that they are releasing an advanced yellow pages and web directory that will enhance the way people find things on internet.

With its advanced technology and fresh web2.0 interface, TrackAny.Biz is a new experience in the world of yellow pages and web directories. It combines the qualities of both yellow pages and web directories, and adds the new web2.0 social features such as tagging, to bring a new and fresh face to the world of web directories. Like del.icio.us did to the bookmaking services, TrackAny.Biz is introducing tagging Ajax interfaces and revolutionizing the directories and yellow pages services.

Unlike other directories that are classified in to categories, TrackAny.Biz classifies its contents using tagging. A listing can be tagged with multiple tags. This means, TrackAny.Biz categories are determined by users and hence the search results will be much more relevant. By providing similar tag suggestions, TrackAny.Biz makes searching and browsing through the yellow pages and directories a pleasure.

Adding a listing is completely free. For those who want further exposure, TrackAny.Biz also provides Featured and Sponsored Listing. Featured listings are listed above normal listing, and Sponsored listings are listed on all pages of the relevant categories.



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