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New Website Converts Long URLs into Search Engine Friendly Links


Monday, March 12, 2007; 05:01 AM

Fly2.ws offers a free service to shorten any long frustrating URL and makes it friendly for pasting in email, blog, forum or web page. We all know and it has been proven many times that “Great and Good things come in Small packages”. Fly2.ws is one of such examples i.e. it looks small but helps to make great and significant changes. So, if you’re worried and concerned about long URL’s, Fly2.ws has the solution.

A unique feature to the Fly2 links created is that the links generated are Search Engine optimized. It uses HTTP 301 to tell robots that the links created are permanent redirects. Other features to Fly2.ws website is that it’s entirely Web2.0 focused and it follows the up-coming latest Ajax based technology.

URL longer than 60 characters often break or wrap when posted in email, blogs, forum or web pages and it might disrupt online business disgracefully. Fly2.ws generates a shorter version of the long frustrating URL that permanently redirects to the same location. So, no more tensions of overlapping and broken links. You can easily post Fly2 links in forums, blogs, articles, e-mail or website pages.



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