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Crawl.com "The Web 2.0 Metasearch" Enters Beta


Monday, March 5, 2007; 05:52 AM

Crawl's custom search engine technology uses a mix of AJAX, PHP, C++, and Javascript programming and is presented to you using web standards like XHTML and CSS2 to deliver the most relevant results in a rich and unique Web 2.0 format.

Conventional wisdom tells us that the three major search engines return similar results. An independent study conducted by Crawl innovations showed that less than 3% of results found in the top 10 results returned by the top 3 search engines overlap. According to ComScore Media Metrix May 2005, people use a total of 2.8 different search engines per month while searching for information on the web. Crawl brings together results from the top three search engines on the web in a comparative metasearch format that has become more popular since late in 2006.

By combining Crawl's highly customized metasearch results together with their "Crawl Vision" search preview window, Crawl is offers a refreshing new look to searchers who enjoy being able to visit one search engine instead of three to get the most relevant results. More can be seen at Crawl's methodology page at http://www.crawl.com/methodology.php.



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