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Ajax-Powered Online Game Vox Imperium Goes Live


Friday, March 2, 2007; 03:45 AM

After a six months of intense beta testing, Vox Imperium has been released to the general public. The servers are now open and free to play for all.

A screenshot from the game.

Vox Imperium is an innovative massively multiplayer strategy game, influenced by and comparable to the Civilization series, yet playable in a web browser. The game features maps that accommodate over 1,000 players, in gaming sessions which can run anywhere from three hours to three months, suiting every gamer's playing schedule.

Creator William Renner said, "Gaming is going in so many different directions. You have the PS3 gamers. The Wii gamers. The Xbox gamers. What it gaming comes down to, regardless of graphics or processor speed, is whether or not a game is fun. You can play a great game through a browser, just like you can play a great game using a deck of cards or dice."

The main strength of Vox Imperium lies in its custom game engine featuring a fully graphical format, virtually unique in the browser-based realm. Vox uses a hand-tailored AJAX engine to accurately simulate a standard PC game without any downloads or load times.

"This is just the beginning," continues Renner. "Browser-based gaming is poised to take off in a way [Macromedia Flash games never did. The next version of the Vox engine will be indistinguishable from PC games 10 years ago. Its only a matter of time before Doom and Quake type games are ported to AJAX, and from there anything is possible."

Additionally, Vox staff recently released their MapMaker system to the general public, allowing players to construct custom game boards, controlling who is allowed to play with a range of customizable game features.

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