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New Version of WildPackets Developer Network Site Launched


Friday, February 23, 2007; 04:42 AM

WildPackets Inc., innovators in advanced network analysis, today announced v2.0 of the WildPackets Developer Network (WPDN), an online community and software distribution site that helps network engineers and product developers extend the capabilities of the OmniAnalysis Platform, WildPackets’ solution for network troubleshooting and application performance monitoring. Version 2.0 of the WildPackets Developer Network site, located at wpdn.wildpackets.com, features a redesigned user interface, a new blog and a Networking News section. Like the earlier version of the site, the site also offers a large number of downloadable plug-ins for WildPackets products, as well as source code, programming primers, tips, and sample code. Launched in October 2005, the site has 2000 members worldwide using WPDN to extend the OmniAnalysis Platform for specialized requirements.

“OmniPeek and the OmniAnalysis Platform are unique among commercial network analysis offerings in that they feature an open API and a growing family of plug-ins,” said Mahboud Zabetian, President and CEO of WildPackets. “At WildPackets, we’re committed to collaborating with our customers to develop solutions customized to meet their exact needs. The WPDN Web site is an important channel for communicating and collaborating with our growing customer base.”

"The WPDN has grown to over 2000 members in just one year. That phenomenal growth tells us there is a real need for an extensible network development platform like the OmniAnalysis Platform," said Chris Bloom, Developer Evangelist for the WPDN. "And with our developer support services and a constant flow of new remote adapters, plug-ins, database tools, and AJAX applications, we are helping network developers create the next generation of network monitoring solutions.”

The WPDN has a basic membership that is free and open to everyone, and a WildPackets customer maintenance membership, which provides additional tools. For details, visit: https://wpdn.wildpackets.com/

Remote Adapters that Transform Access Points (APs) into Data Capture Devices

The redesigned site now features two of the latest additions to the WildPackets family of plug-ins and extensions. In addition to updating the popular Cisco AP Capture Adapter, WildPackets has released a new Aruba AP Capture Adapter. The adapters allow existing Aruba or Cisco managed access points to stream packets back to the OmniPeek network analyzer for analysis. The adapters are also capable of aggregating data from multiple APs into a single capture to perform roaming latency testing, or other types of multiple channel analysis. These adapters are valuable to customers who want to leverage their existing AP deployment for both networking and troubleshooting.

WildPackets OmniAnalysis Platform

WildPackets OmniAnalysis Platform is a distributed network analysis platform for troubleshooting and optimizing enterprise networks and applications. The OmniAnalysis Platform uses advanced analytical techniques, including application performance indexing based on the industry standard Apdex metric, to troubleshoot problems with applications and networks even problems that occurred hours or days ago. The OmniAnalysis Platform comprises OmniPeek network analyzers and consoles, as well as distributed OmniEngines, which analyze data at remote locations on the network. With its open APIs and a growing family of plug-ins, the OmniAnalysis Platform is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of network engineers responsible for wired and wireless networks, as well as new applications such as VoIP and VoWiFi.

About WildPackets Inc.

Since 1990, WildPackets has been developing innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use and valuable solutions to maintain the health and integrity of critical data-in-motion. From the desktop to the datacenter, wired to wireless, distributed and local, WildPackets products enable IT organizations to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure their network systems. Sold in over 60 countries through a broad network of channel and strategic partners, WildPackets products are deployed in all industrial sectors, including 80% of the Fortune 1000. For further information, visit www.wildpackets.com.




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