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Viyya Technologies Introduces VIYYA Free Edition


Friday, February 16, 2007; 06:14 AM

Viyya Technologies, Inc. announced the roll out of VIYYA Free Edition, the first commercially available application in the company's product suite.

VIYYA Free is a free, Web-based service solution that manages disparate information from the Internet, corporate intranets, newsgroups, and third-party feeds by enabling users to customize the way they collect, process, distribute, and store data. It will be supported by advertising revenues through today’s major advertising networks, such as Google AdSense.

Using Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technology, VIYYA Free personalizes the Web 2.0 Internet experience by automating information searches, retrieval, delivery and storage. Users can now receive relevant information based on parameters they determine – anytime it is required and without the need to conduct repetitive online searches.

“According to NielsonNet Ratings, consumers and business professionals now spend in excess of 30 to 78 hours respectively browsing the Internet each month. In most cases, these users are searching through the same sites for the same general content,” said John Bay, CEO of Viyya Technologies. “Why would anyone spend their valuable time repeatedly browsing the same sources when a free tool from VIYYA produces easy-to-read, tailored information in an automated fashion?”

The VIYYA™ family of products gives users the ability to retrieve filtered content from multiple sources and determine the relevancy of their information. That information can then be processed into notifications, daily reminders, or archived for future use, eliminating repetitive searches and site visits and saving web surfers hours of time.

VIYYA Free is commercially available through registration at www.viyya.com and also will be available through Download.com, Tucows, Simtel, Winsite, MyZips, Shareup, Files32 and nearly 600 other prominent Internet sites.

About Viyya Technologies

Viyya Technologies (Pink Sheets: VYON) is the developer and marketer of the world's most advanced, Web 2.0 information management application. Viyya has assembled the tools that allow individuals to turn “Information Overload” into customized personal and business intelligence, empowering them to automate and manage their Internet information through trusted and open sources. Viyya provides easy-to-use filtering, parsing, and notification techniques for the maximum information impact, while storing information for quick, easy, effective retrieval. For additional company information, please visit www.viyya.com.



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