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Emerging Markets Embracing Open Source, Latest Evans Data Survey Shows


Thursday, February 15, 2007; 05:05 AM

Developers in emerging market countries are substantially increasing implementation of Open Source code in their applications, according to Evans Data Corporation’s just released 2007 Emerging Markets Development Survey. In this survey that covers developers in regions such as Brazil, Russia/Eastern Europe, India and China, 69% of respondents said they are currently using OSS, which is up from 59% six months ago. The increased adoption rate correlates to the sharp adoption of Eclipse in countries like India and Brazil, as well as a rise in Linux development in many of the emerging markets.

Emerging market developers are also proving to be on the cutting edge of Web development, as 36% of developers from emerging markets are using AJAX (up from 21% six months ago). Over the last six months, Russia and Eastern Europe are leading the way in Ajax adoption amongst emerging markets (up 23%), with India (up 20%) and Brazil (up 13%) quickly gaining traction.

“These adoption curves represent the enormous appetite of a development community looking at all key technologies to keep pace with the huge demand for IT enablement,” stated John F. Andrews, President of Evans Data Corporation. “These markets continue to be a very demanding, but attractive opportunity for solution providers.”

Other findings from this survey of more than 400 professional developers included:

  • In the last six months, adoption of Eclipse in India increased by 31%, and by 20% in Brazil
  • Forty seven percent of Indian developers project that they will be upgrading to Windows Vista as a primary or secondary host operating system next year
  • Eighty seven percent of Chinese respondents experienced at least one security breach at their company last year

About Evans Data Corporation

Evans Data Corporation (www.evansdata.com) provides regularly updated IT industry market intelligence based on in-depth surveys of the global developer population. Evans' syndicated research includes surveys focused on developers in a wide variety of subjects. Evans Data is hosting the much anticipated Developer Relations Conference ‘07 to be held March 12 and 13, 2007, in Redwood City, CA (www.evansdata.com/drc)



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