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OnlyMyEmail Offers Free Tool For Reducing Spam


Tuesday, February 13, 2007; 06:43 AM

OnlyMyEmail, Inc. has released the OnlMyEmail Encoder, a free tool for obscuring email addresses displayed on web sites.

Automated harvesting of openly exposed email addresses is widely regarded as the leading spam generating vulnerability today. Such exposed addresses are very easy to collect and are practically guaranteed to be valid and working addresses.

Furthermore, addresses harvested in this manner they are easily sorted by industry classification (based on the Web sites from which they are taken) for sales within targeted email marketing lists.

To help combat this problem and enable Webmasters and site owners to easily close this widely-exploited email security vulnerability, the OnlyMyEmail Encoder will generate JavaScript code that can be used to replace email addresses and the 'mailto:' links that contain them.

JavaScript enabled browsers will render the address so that any web site visitors will see a normal looking text address or 'mailto:' link, but address harvesting bots will not.

The OnlyMyEmail Encoder can be accessed and used by anyone, free of charge, through the collection of DNS Tools found at: http://www.onlymyemail.com/services/dns_tools/ and will ultimately reduce the amount of spam filtering required by allowing web site owners to present a smaller target.



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