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Attunity Releases InFocus 2.1


Wednesday, February 7, 2007; 05:18 AM

Attunity, a leading provider of solutions in the new and fast growing workplace applications market, announced today the immediate availability of Attunity InFocus 2.1, the newest iteration of its software platform for rapidly configuring, deploying, running and managing workplace applications. Attunity InFocus 2.1 includes enhancements affecting the end user experience and introduces tools and techniques to even further ease the speed of deployment and support.

Attunity InFocus is the industry's only platform designed to facilitate composite workplace applications focused on improving the 'unstructured', non- routine, often exceptional, highly collaborative and inherently human-driven activities of a business. Designed to help an organization's highest-value employees such as management, business leadership and knowledge-workers, Attunity InFocus enables faster and more effective management, control and resolution of their critical operational activities.

Version 2.1 of Attunity InFocus provides users with extended capabilities that include complex alerts, and web application integration. It also introduces the first two elements of a suite of tools aimed at easing the process of delivering, adapting and maintaining workplace applications.

"Giving users the information and tools they need to effectively harness the potential of the Attunity InFocus platform continues to be our main goal," said Aki Ratner, CEO, Attunity. "We will continue to add robust functionality to help business managers more effectively handle the challenges of addressing the unplanned, unstructured events that arise throughout the course of their work day."

"We also want to increase further the ease and rapidity by which our partners and in-house IT managers deploy and maintain workplace applications. The Attunity InFocus Designers included in this release, coupled with our strategy of using standard technologies in our platform, do just that. We believe this is a key benefit for our customers and partners alike, who are now even better placed to take advantage of the full power of workplace applications."

With this release, Attunity InFocus 2.1 provides additional features and functionality aimed at improving the end user experience, including:

* Complex Alerts: Attunity InFocus is designed to identify developing
      situations that fall outside the norm.  Users can create activity-based
      or information-based alerts and can now expand them to support complex
      user-defined needs -- further focusing management attention on the
      business' most critical decisions.
    * Web Application Integration: Managers need a complete view of all
      relevant information for effective decision-making and appropriate
      action-taking.  Attunity InFocus 2.1 now extends to the seamless
      integration of web and service-based applications, as well as other
      external information streams such as RSS, to deliver actionable and
      complete views of the situational context.
    * Configurable Snapshots: Snapshots contain point-in-time views of
      information within a workplace application.  Attunity InFocus 2.1
      extends this functionality to allow higher degrees of configuration and
      drill-down for the user, allowing greater focus and even more effective
      sharing of information within context.
    * User Preferences: With Attunity InFocus 2.1, users can save alterations
      they make to the user interface, to further customize the InFocus
      Workplace to serve their individual preferences.

Continuing its commitment to streamline the configuration, deployment and maintenance of composite workplace applications, Attunity InFocus 2.1 introduces the Attunity InFocus Designers. The InFocus Designers simplify further the process of delivering and subsequently changing and maintaining workplace applications for IT managers and business partners. The first two designers in the new suite of planned tools are the Attunity InFocus Workplace Designer, for configuring the client-side workplace, and the Attunity InFocus Composition Designer, for developing server-side services. Today, deployment of workplace applications using Attunity InFocus can take only a few weeks. Introducing the Attunity InFocus Designers further accelerates this process, re-enforcing Attunity's commitment to rapid configuration and implementation of workplace applications. Future versions will continue to support this strategy.

In conjunction with the InFocus Composition Designer, Attunity has also introduced an innovative technique for very rapidly composing sophisticated server-side services. This composition technique is named COJAX. Modeled after, and complementary to AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), COJAX uses industry-standard methods and languages, notably JSP and XML. COJAX (which stands for Composition of JSP and XML) was developed to compose services that provide dynamic XML content, key to the delivery of sophisticated easy-to-use, composite workplace applications.

Attunity InFocus 2.1 is available immediately.

About Attunity

Attunity is the leading provider of service-orientated software and solutions in the composite workplace applications market.Using Attunity's software, companies can seamlessly and efficiently connect, transfer, join and stream to and from virtually any data source in real-time, and subsequently use that data to rapidly configure and deploy management-focused workplace applications. With successful deployments at thousands of organizations worldwide, Attunity has over 17 years experience of providing enterprise-class software, both directly and indirectly through a number of strategic and OEM agreements with global-class partners such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Business Objects and Cognos.





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