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JackBe Closes Product Beta Program Due To Oversubscription


Tuesday, February 6, 2007; 09:12 AM

JackBe, the premier provider of Enterprise Web 2.0 infrastructure solutions that integrate SOA and Ajax, today announced that it has suspended all additional entrants into the recently unveiled beta program for its Presto Rich Enterprise Application (REA) platform. Announced in October 2006, the program received overwhelming interest driven by the market demand for a comprehensive solution for delivering enterprise Ajax applications based on SOA and Web services.

Having invested millions of dollars to develop SOAs in recent years, enterprises are now looking to utilize Web 2.0 technologies to quickly deliver these services through Ajax-driven Web applications. With JackBe’s Presto REA platform, organizations are able to easily consume SOA services and quickly compose interactive, Web-based business solutions. Current participants in the Presto Beta Program are creating rich, interactive Web-based applications for enterprise user communities with direct consumption of SOA services while also delivering the security and governance needed by their enterprises.

The Presto REA platform enables organizations to greatly improve the usability of their Web applications by leveraging their investments in SOA and delivering the services through Ajax-based dashboards and bespoke applications. Applications built on the Presto REA platform gain the advantages of three related but distinct technologies:

  • The power of SOA,
  • The flexibility and ease of use of Ajax,
  • The speed of deployment of the Web.

It is this synergy of technologies that separates JackBe from vendors that provide a lesser subset of technologies as a solution.

“We saw the Presto Beta Program as a great opportunity for our organization because of JackBe’s extensive Ajax experience and its unique background in the SOA space,” said Bob Gorley, Chief Technology Officer for the DIA. “Unlike other software companies with similar solutions, JackBe built Presto specifically to meet the challenges associated with SOA and Web services. Other less flexible technologies are simply retrofitting to their own legacy applications.”

Presto Beta Program participants include large enterprises and government organizations such as:

  • Claritas, a marketing information resources company, is using Presto to virtualize secure interfaces to data-center resident services for B2B integration.
  • U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), delivering military intelligence to war fighters, defense planners, and defense and national security policymakers, is utilizing Presto to improve secure interagency communication based upon SOA principles and technologies.
  • Frictionless SAP, a leading Supplier Relationship Management software provider, is implementing Presto to integrate and create Web 2.0 interfaces for ERP and supply chain systems.
  • INTTRA, the largest multi-carrier e-commerce platform for global shipping, is using Presto to expose secure services for internal application development teams.
  • Satyam Computer Services, a leading global consulting and IT services company, is utilizing Presto to create Web 2.0 interfaces for existing travel and logistics applications.

“The huge interest in our Presto Beta Program demonstrates the growing market demand for enterprise Web 2.0 technologies that conform to far higher corporate standards for security and governance,” said Luis Derechin, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of JackBe. “Companies have made significant investments in establishing SOA infrastructures and are now looking to Ajax technology to accelerate the benefits and ROI.”

About JackBe Corporation

JackBe is the industry leader in Enterprise Web 2.0 software infrastructure solutions that combine SOA and Ajax with governance, reliability, and user empowerment to optimize business activity. The company’s flagship product, the Presto REA platform, enables enterprises to deliver rich, interactive Web applications that leverage their investments in SOA services and data.

Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, JackBe’s satisfied clients already include more than 45 industry leaders worldwide supporting more than 4 million end users. Customers include Citigroup, McKesson, Tupperware, Sears, NutriSystem, Forbes, and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency. The company's deployments and deep expertise span the financial services, government, e-commerce and telecommunications sectors.

More information about JackBe is available at www.jackbe.com, by email at [email protected], or by phone at 240-744-7620.



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