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Finjan Unveils Breakthrough Security Assistance Tool for End-Users at RSA Conference


Monday, February 5, 2007; 01:51 AM

Finjan Inc., a global provider of best-of-breed proactive web security solutions for businesses and organizations, today unveiled Finjan SecureBrowsing, an intuitive security assistance tool for end-users. Finjan SecureBrowsing is being demoed at Finjan's RSA exhibit, Booth 2213, along with the company's other recently-introduced web security offerings -- including its upgraded high-performance line of Vital Security(TM) Web Appliances and its RUSafe tool for scanning web content in "sniffer" mode.

Finjan SecureBrowsing is a new browser extension that proactively alerts users to potential malicious content hiding behind links of search results, ads and other selected web pages. Finjan SecureBrowsing accesses each of the links in its current form on the web, and scans the relevant pages in real time using Finjan's patented behavior-based technology. Each link is then marked with a safety rating - either safe (green) or potentially malicious (red). Finjan SecureBrowsing enables end-users to experience the same best-in-class security technologies currently in use at large enterprise customers.

"Finjan SecureBrowsing utilizes our breakthrough web security approach, as implemented through our patented behavior-based scanning technology. It analyzes website code in real time to provide users with safety ratings of URLs before they visit the sites. This approach helps to prevent potentially malicious content from entering companies' networks or PCs," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CTO, Finjan. "By its nature, the web is very dynamic with website content changing continuously -- a URL that was safe yesterday might contain malicious code today. What's more, malicious attacks are frequently performed from short-lived web pages that appear and vanish within days without ever being categorized. Therefore, URL categorization solutions fail to provide a real time safety rating of the web content. That level of protection can only be achieved by detecting the intention of the code up front, in real time, before the user visits the site."

Ben-Itzhak noted that Finjan SecureBrowsing runs as an Internet Explorer and Firefox extension, and will be available for download from Finjan's website in March.

Latest Vital Security(TM) appliances provide unmatched protection against malicious web content

The latest Vital Security family of proactive web security appliances being demoed at RSA Conference includes the new Vital Security Web Appliance NG-6100, a gateway solution that utilizes a robust, high availability platform to meet enterprises' stringent reliability and performance requirements. Finjan is also demoing its new line of Vital Security Web Appliances -- comprising the NG-8100, NG-5100 and NG-1100 - which have been upgraded to Finjan's new SUPERFORMANCE platforms. The new and upgraded Finjan offerings introduce significant performance enhancements, in some cases doubling the performance of previous models, as well as ensuring high availability to comply with enterprises' demanding requirements. In terms of security, Finjan's offerings continue to provide the highest level of protection against malicious web content, recognized as the number one threat to enterprise networks.

Finjan will also demo its innovative Finjan RUSafe tool, which runs on the Vital Security Web Appliances and enables enterprises to sniff live traffic, scan content using Finjan security engines, and generate traffic logs and reports. With Finjan RUSafe sniffer mode, an organization can deploy the Vital Security Web Appliance using a very simple configuration and without changes to its existing network topology. Enterprises needing a proof-of-concept for Finjan solutions, or a sniffer approach to security, can now install Finjan RUSafe in parallel to their existing infrastructure, and easily upgrade the appliance to "live" mode when needed.


Q. How do I benefit from Finjan SecureBrowsing?

A. While browsing the web, you visit numerous websites that use Active Content to enhance your web experience and capabilities. Active Content supports capabilities such as changing images when the mouse moves over them, popping up windows, displaying advertisements and supporting advance design elements. However, these capabilities are also used by hackers to change your system settings or even install Spyware applications. Finjan SecureBrowsing alerts you, before you visit these pages, to any potential malicious Active Content enabling you to benefit from today's wealth of web capabilities without jeopardizing your PC and your private information.

Q. What types of threats are identified?

A. Finjan SecureBrowsing identifies potentially malicious code such as Spyware, hacking code viruses and code that tampers with your PC system settings. Such malicious code can even try to steal your private user name and passwords when you visit your on-line banking website. Finjan SecureBrowsing identifies all of these threats, in real time, by analyzing the behavior of active content that could be used maliciously (such as JavaScript, VB Script, ActiveX and Java applets).

Q. Frequently malicious web sites appear and vanish rapidly. What happens if I encounter such a short lived dedicated malicious web site that has just been publicized?

A. Finjan SecureBrowsing analyzes the website's behavior in real time, enabling the detection of these short-lived malicious sites without having to rely on history, black lists, or reputation. Finjan SecureBrowsing analyzes the current web content, thus any time the page you browse contains any type of malicious code, it will be detected, regardless of the time it appears on that page. Other tools, such as URL Filtering, rely on black lists and historical rating and thus are unable to analyze website content in real time.

Q. How can a malicious site harm my computer?

A. Malicious sites contain active content that may alter your PC settings and install Spyware, Adware, Trojans or other types of malicious code. The outcome of these attacks may compromise your private information, such as your on-line banking user name and password, and damage or crash your system.

Q. How many websites are mapped by Finjan SecureBrowsing?

A. Finjan SecureBrowsing uses a real time analysis method. This means that Finjan SecureBrowsing scans each URL showing in your browser as it currently exists on the web. Thus, there is no limit to the number of websites supported, and you are always assured of receiving the safety ratings. Currently, for practical reasons (in order to keep a reasonable number of safe/unsafe indications on the screen), Finjan SecureBrowsing provides safety indication for URLs showing in the most popular websites and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Digg, Wikipedia and Blogger.

Q. What happens if a website contained malicious code in the past, but now is ok?

A. While website categorization based rating would indicate that the site is malicious, Finjan SecureBrowsing's safety rating is based on real time malicious content detection. Hence the correct - green - indication would be displayed.

Q. How accurate is the indication I get?

A. Finjan SecureBrowsing is proven to be the most accurate dynamic malware sensor available. A 'red' indication is provided only when suspicious code is detected.

Q: How is Finjan SecureBrowsing different than other available solutions?

A. Other solutions are based on URL filtering/categorization technology. URL categorization entails mapping the huge number of existing websites, and rating each site as ok or malicious. While this has obvious value, it also has a few major deficiencies:

- As there are hundreds of millions of websites and the number is constantly growing, it is impossible to map the entire WWW

- It typically takes days to weeks to map a new website. Some hacking and Phishing sites are short lived and vanish before they are even categorized.

- By its nature, the web is very dynamic with website content changing continuously - a URL that was safe when it was categorized might contain malicious code two hours later. Hackers are now taking advantage of this weak spot of URL categorization, trying to install malware on reputable URLs, such as MySpace and Wikipedia.

In contrast, Finjan SecureBrowsing scans the current content of each URL rather than looking it up on a database. Thus, there is no limit to the number of websites supported by Finjan and the rating provided by Finjan SecureBrowsing is always accurate and up to date.

Finjan is a global provider of best-of-breed web security solutions for businesses and organizations. Our proactive, appliance-based solutions deliver the most effective shield against web-borne threats, freeing enterprises to harness the web for maximum commercial results. Finjan's web security solutions utilize patented behavior-based technology to proactively repel all types of threats arriving via the web, such as Spyware, Phishing, Trojans and other malicious code, securing businesses against unknown and emerging threats, as well as known malware. Finjan's security solutions have received industry awards and recognition from leading analyst houses and publications, including IDC, Butler Group, SC Magazine, CRN, PCPro, ITWeek, and Information Security. With Finjan's award-winning and widely used solutions, businesses can focus on implementing web strategies to realize their full organizational and commercial potential. For more information about Finjan, visit: www.finjan.com.



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