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Serendipity Launches New Class of Enterprise 2.0 Product at DEMO 07


Wednesday, January 31, 2007; 03:51 AM

Serendipity Technologies Inc., provider of secure, Web 2.0 solutions for the enterprise, today introduced its premier product offering, WorkLight, ™ at the DEMO 07 Conference. WorkLight is a secure, scalable server-based software product that provides employees with “Web 2.0-style” access to corporate data stored in enterprise applications and databases. Serendipity was selected to be a part of DEMO, a semi-annual conference that gives attendees a sneak peek at emerging technologies and new products.

WorkLight provides three main benefits to the enterprise: First, it will improve worker productivity, helping save time and money. Second, information workers will be able to find, consume and share critical business data faster, more easily using Web 2.0 technologies at work. Finally, it is deployed securely and able to scale at the enterprise level.

“WorkLight breaks the wall between enterprise data and the open, collaborative world of Web 2.0,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer, DEMO. “The product unlocks business productivity by giving employees at global corporations access to next-generation technologies that are personalized and customizable so that business data systems can finally bend to specific end-user needs.”

WorkLight improves corporate productivity by making structured enterprise data securely accessible via RSS, AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) applications, gadgets, instant messaging and other Web 2.0 tools. For example, information such as inventory levels, invoices, sales leads and customer portfolios can be delivered securely to the employee’s Google personal home page or favorite RSS reader. Additionally, WorkLight facilitates enterprise collaboration by allowing operational data to be bookmarked, tagged and shared with peers just like a link to a Web page.

“Workers waste countless hours of valuable time searching for and sharing information, instead of focusing on business tasks at hand,” said Mark Levitt, vice president for collaborative computing and the enterprise workplace at IDC. “The effects of data consumption inefficiencies go beyond squandered time and include customer dissatisfaction, employee attrition and poor corporate morale. Enterprise-class solutions are needed to overcome the business challenges of presenting corporate data to information workers in a simple, secure and efficient manner, while allowing the information workers to define their own user experience.”

A recent IDC Executive Brief entitled, “Getting Results by Empowering the Information Worker: What Web 2.0 Offers Beyond Blogs and Wikis,” finds that Web 2.0 technologies like RSS, AJAX, application mashups and social bookmarking represent new opportunities for companies to quickly locate and retrieve operational data. This document sponsored by Serendipity is available at www.myworklight.com.

“Serendipity is the first vendor to offer a solution that allows enterprise information workers to build their own meaningful context for information stored in disparate repositories,” said Shahar Kaminitz, CEO and founder of Serendipity Technologies. “At DEMO, we reveal how secure ‘Web 2.0’ enterprise products can enable the employee-driven enterprise.”

WorkLight licenses are now available and sold as yearly subscriptions. Pricing starts at $10 per user per month. Volume discounts are also available.

Serendipity’s WorkLight™ provides employees with customized and personalized “Web 2.0-style” access to corporate data that reside in enterprise applications. With WorkLight, employees themselves define how the information they need is aggregated and presented, regardless of the source – within the firewall or publicly available from the Web. Most importantly, organizational access control and security policies are enforced. The benefit to the enterprise is a substantial productivity gain, since people can easily find and use the information they need to do their jobs, quickly, efficiently and securely. Serendipity’s enterprise-ready technology is scalable and conforms to existing and future security and access-control policies. For more information, visit www.myworklight.com.



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