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TempWorks Software Releases Ajax-powered Customizable CEO Dashboard


Wednesday, January 24, 2007; 08:00 AM

TempWorks Software, a leading provider of innovative business technology solutions for the staffing industry, today announced news on the release of its latest product now available to the public. TwCentral, a CEO dashboard, was designed for C-level executives and management staff to increase the visibility of critical operations through an intuitive, real-time web interface.

A browser-based application that can be accessed from any computer and internet connection, TwCentral provides staff management a constant awareness of the company’s internal analytics. With the ability to pull information on every department within the company, TwCentral creates opportunity for instant assessments and informed decision-making.

The TwCentral dashboard can be customized to appeal to each users’ preferences, allowing for maximum productivity across the organization. The dashboard utilizes Widgets, an intuitive technology capable of pulling various types of information from the TempWorks database and displaying it on the dashboard. Each user selects the content they wish to display and can simply drag and drop their choices for optimal layout. New Widgets can be created through a Widget Wizard to quickly and easily change or add to the information that appears on the screen.

In addition, TwCentral offers the ability to run financial reports directly from the dashboard. Its integration with the TempWorks solution eliminates the need to open and log in to the core database to perform these reporting actions.

TempWorks seeks out the latest technologies available to develop new solutions for the industry. TwCentral is written in ASP.net using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology.

Founded in 1994, TempWorks provides a full suite of enterprise staffing solutions. Designed to automate and streamline all facets of a staffing firm’s daily operation, TempWorks Software offers a fully integrated front-and back-office suite of staffing software, a comprehensive vendor management solution, and a web portal for customers, employees and applicants. From recruiting to payroll and everything in between, TempWorks Software puts technology to work for staffing firms and their clients. For more information about TempWorks, visit www.tempworks.com.



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