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MON.ITOR.US Announces Promotional Campaign For Upcoming Premium Service


Tuesday, January 23, 2007; 04:26 AM

MON.ITOR.US (http://mon.itor.us), a popular free web monitoring service, is planning to extend its service to business critical and high-traffic website, blog and web service owners. The entry-level premium service will provide monitoring every 5 minutes, versus current 30 minutes, from a single monitoring location. It will have several advanced features, improved user interface, and no advertisements.

MON.ITOR.US will offer one year of premium service to its committed users if they invite five new ‘active’ users through the ‘recommend friend’ feature. By ‘active users’ we mean users with at least one site monitoring uptime and at least one site traffic tracking enabled. The offer will be valid through the end of February.

“We will continue to maintain our free monitoring service and our goal is to be the most complete service both in free and premium monitoring space. Free MON.ITOR.US will be the place to release new features frequently for beta testing, and for our customers to try the service before subscribing to the premium service. Some users will be satisfied with the free service. Although for people really serious about making money on the web we will provide professional monitoring” says Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO and founder. “Our service is positively different from other similar services both in number of different kind of data we are collecting and the way we analyze and present the data for our users”.

Forrester Research asked Web analytics users what the hardest part about using analytics is and 24 percent said “pulling data together.” MON.ITOR.US provides convenient view of the data via consolidated management ‘dashboards’ using rich Ajax Web 2.0 personalizable interface.

MON.ITOR.US is a leading free provider of global monitoring of websites and networks, which provides complete visibility of key performance indicators of websites, web applications and other network resources and reduces the risks of loss of revenue. The service offers error detection, alert notification, detailed uptime and performance reports, real time snapshot views, and web site traffic analysis. It currently has over 3,300 users and monitors over 15,000 sites.

Sourcio (http://www.sourcio.com) launched mon.itor.us service in March 2006 during the gigantic CeBIT IT Expo in Hanover, Germany. Sourcio is a privately owned IT service company specializing on open source and e-business solutions.



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