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Visual WebGui Announces Beta of .NET AJAX Development Framework


Friday, January 19, 2007; 03:10 AM

Visual WebGui (VWG) announced the release of its beta version AJAX development framework available for download from Source Forge or from the Visual WebGui site. Rob Chartier, Microsoft MVP and internationally renowned IT expert, says in his blog: "Have you seen this? It's not just another AJAX Framework; it is the end all and be all of AJAX Frameworks including full design time support. This stuff is just amazing. It even comes with a decent licensing model. Things are going to start changing around here."

The VWG AJAX development framework is dedicated to development of high interaction, IT enterprise class Web applications. VWG is based on an invention that extends Microsoft WinForms over ASP.NET, to be offered as the first framework that enables direct desktop development paradigms and behavior over the Web. VWG like most .NET AJAX frameworks is implemented using an IHttpHandler but provides an alternative to the page model, rather then extending the ASP.NET page model. VWG can still interact with ASP.NET pages, enabling partial usage of VWG with in an existing ASP.NET site, and by that partial upgrade, or usage, provide the best of both worlds.


VWG is there to fill in the gap in Microsoft offerings by developing AJAX applications the same way one develops WinForms applications. No prior AJAX skills are required. Superior to GWT, VWG offers in addition no generation of JavaScript code; debugging is done with the code executed in runtime. No application logic on the client results in inherent secured structure. All processing is done on the server, results in no exposure of unnecessary services to the client. Server sends UI updates / client sends user event queues and the result is, thin client rather than the fat one of GWT, and standard programming based on a familiar WinForms object model provided with full WinForms like design time capabilities.

Visual WebGui had released a preview version a few months ago. Since its release, the software was downloaded over 40,000 times, sports a fast growing developer community with 10,000 registered members up to now has been forming, over 3,000 pilot applications are being constructed, and several hundreds are already in production status.

Enthusiastic responses from developers are being recorded as to the simplicity of adoption and use, and to the time savings.

Visual WebGui is aiming for a standard de facto position in the market. VWG strategy is to foster a widely spread developers community, generated by the open source offering. A marketplace that offers components - including third-party - will be offered on VWG site as well as tutorials, forums and community support.

The road map includes premium products on top of the VWG platform such as dual mode version - develop once, deploy both on Web or desktop (offline or online), migration of legacy to Web wizard, SAAS enabler and more.

For more information, visit 'http://www.visualwebgui.com'.

Sample application: 'http://samples.visualwebgui.com/MainForm.wgx'

Download page : 'http://www.visualwebgui.com/tabid/110/Default.aspx'

Community forums:'http://www.visualwebgui.com/tabid/53/Default.aspx'





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