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Free 10-Week AJAX Course Available Online from August 4th


Monday, July 17, 2006; 03:29 AM

Sun Microsystems technology architect Sang Shin is offering a free AJAX course at www.javapassion.com/ajaxcodecamp/.  The first session starts on August 4th.  The course, taught exclusively online, will cover a broad range of topics, from basic AJAX to integration with Java and using the Dojo JavaScript toolkit.

Registration for the course is by e-mail only.  Full syllabus for the course and some of the course materials are already available on the site.  The sessions will will last for three months and half, and then they will be offered repeatedly several times a year.  Those who succesfully finish the course will get an electronic version of Sang Shin's personal certificate.

The course starts with an introduction to AJAX: the much-hyped web technology combining JavaScript and XML to produce rich user experience.  It then goes to AJAX development proper, before familiarizing the students with many of the frameworks and applications that are relevant to the contemporay internet: JSON, Dojo Toolkit,  Sun's jMaki, Google Web Toolkit, and Java Server Faces. 

Shin has listed the requirements for succesfully taking the course, and they are limited to a single month of experience with JavaScript, HTML, and Java.




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