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Cross Browser DHTML Modal Dialogs For Web Apps


"Of course modal dialogs aren't required in the design of a web application, and other ways appeared to deal with this design challenge, but in some cases they're a nice tool to have at your disposal.

I kept running into situations in which a modal dialog would be such a handy tool, but I had to change my design when the technology dictated that it was impossible.

One thing I don't like about modal windows and modal dialogs is that you're able to move the window around, possibly losing association with your main window. This technique binds the two together. You're never going to lose the modal or it's parent window.

If you want a browser based application that behaves like a rich client modal dialogs are a great thing. I use them frequently in creation wizards where breaking someone's frame of reference is generally a bad idea for cognitive reasons."

Browsers Compatibility:
IE 6, FireFox 0.9+, Safari and Opera
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