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JSDoc is a tool that parses inline documentation in JavaScript source files, and produces an documentation of the JavaScript code. This is typically in the form of HTML (example), but XML and XMI (UML) export are also supported. JSDoc is based on the (very successful) javadoc tool that was created for the same purpose for the Java programming language.

JSDoc is primarily intended for libraries of object-oriented JavaScript files, although it also works with procedural code. There is a basic ability to determine inheritance built into the parser, although some more obscure dynamic constructs will not be understood (for example, defining a method to set one class as the superclass of another).

Anyone familiar with the javadoc tool will be able to use JSDoc right away; for anyone else it is a very simple matter to get started. JSDoc picks up on comments that are opened with a slash followed by two stars (/**), and closed with the typical star-slash (*/).

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