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Zebda client-side form validation JS library
Zebda is a general purpose javascript library built on Prototype 1.4.0. Although it has some utility functions, the main purpose is handling client-side form validation.
Browser Compatibility:
Last modified: May 12, 2006

wForms - A Javascript Extension to Web Forms
wForms is an open-source, unobtrusive javascript library that adds commonly needed behaviors to traditional web forms.
Browser Compatibility: IE, FF, Opera, Safari
Last modified: May 10, 2006

Tigra Tables
Tigra Tables is JavaScript applet creating nice client-side visual effects for HTML tables making them easier to read.
Browser Compatibility: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+; FireFox 1+; Netscape 6+; Opera 7+
Last modified: March 06, 2006

Tigra Slider Control
DHTML component for the websites that adds vertical and horizontal trackbar capability to the HTML forms similarly to the controls widely used in desktop applications. The slider is simple improvement that makes the interface more user friendly.
Browser Compatibility: MS IE; Netscape; Firefox/Mozilla; Opera; Safari; AOL
Last modified: March 06, 2006

Tigra Form Validator
Tigra Form Validator is free JavaScript component performing client side form validation. With its rich feature set the script can be used with HTML forms of virtually any complexity.
Browser Compatibility: MS IE; Netscape; Opera; Mozilla; Safari
Last modified: March 06, 2006

Agree Before Entry
JavaScript will only let you enter your name in this form if you indicate you agree to the terms by first clicking the I Agree radio button.
Browser Compatibility:
Last modified:



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