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Unobtrusive JavaScript Date Chooser
An unobtrusive, lightweight javascript datepicker that works in all modern browsers.
Browser Compatibility: IE, FF, Opera, Safari.
Last modified: September 05, 2006

The DHTML / JavaScript Calendar
An advanced calendar. Source available for download. Free for non-commercial use. Requires back-link.
Browser Compatibility: » Internet Explorer 5.0+ for Windows » Mozilla, Netscape 7.x, Mozilla FireFox (any platform) » Other Gecko-based browsers (any platform) » Konqueror 3.2+ for Linux and Apple Safari for Macintosh » Opera 7+ (any platform)
Last modified: March 29, 2006

Tigra Calendar PRO
Tigra Calendar PRO is flexible JavaScript Calendar offering high reliability and wide browsers support. This script allows your visitors to select any date from on page calendar with minimum number of clicks.
Browser Compatibility: MS IE 4+; Netscape (6+/4.x); Opera (7.x/6.x/5.x); Mozilla 0.9+ with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and MS IE 5+; Netscape (6+/4.x); Opera 6.x; Safari with Mac OS 8/9/X
Last modified: March 06, 2006



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