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The Upcoming Business Branding Trends in 2019 to Watch for

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Jack Dsouja
March 08, 2019

Jack Dsouja
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Every business needs to reconsider their branding elements to see if you are a cutting-edge modern brand or holds the value of a traditional one. Branding is important to be at the forefront of online searches by potential customers. In a general overview, we can see that the leading branding trends of 2019 are more oriented towards two definitive paths as 1) futuristic and 2) nostalgic. Consumers tend to use these trends as their signals to determine which side the business fall into.


It is not ideal to say which side of this duo is acceptable than the other. It depends on how you present yourself before the target audience. How to present yourself in front of the target audience depends on your style of branding and also in many cases, you can try a fine combination of both the styles to develop a unique and innovative brand identity. The major point here is that, in order to use branding strategies for the year 2019, you need to understand where those are heading to and how it affects you.


So, along with analyzing the major trends in terms of log design, product packaging, website design, typography, and graphic design in general, we need to consider the branding trends also which keep on changing from time to time. You should try to understand and use these trends in order to keep your business branding more noticeable and updated.


  1. Contextual logos

First of all, what we need to consider as the most noticeable branding trend of 2019 as the innovative logo designs to try out. By leveraging the technological advancements, many of the marketers are now abandoning their outdated never-changing styled logos to more optimized, responsive, and shape-shifting type logos.


The whole idea here is that a brand may keep a few good logo versions to optimize its options for various applications. Logo of the mobile app can be simplest and smallest, whereas, for mass-printing on t-shirts or other goodies, you can keep a black & white version of the logo. You can use a colorful logo for a kid’s campaign and use a professional version of the same for a corporate event etc.


Considering such a trend, keep in mind the below areas in terms of logo design:


–        Responsiveness – Your logo has to change in size and resolution in order to adjust to the screen size on which it’s displayed.


–        Contextual – The logo should also be able to change based on the context in which it's displayed. Say, for example, a dual-tone logo on business cards, a custom logo to fit a cap and so on.


–        Variable – Some parts of your logo may change to fit the needs of various marketing campaigns. For example, as any successful digital marketing firm suggests, you can use various imagery to appeal to various target groups while promoting different products.


The trend in 2019 is that you can change your logo based on your needs to adapt well to the situations.


2. Using awe-inspiring serifs

For many years now, simplicity and minimalism are the trends in digital design. Along with aesthetics, the minimalist approach also ensures practicality. As we can see, minimalist designs are faster in loading and also look better on small screens. However, lately, we can see some backlash also to minimalism as in terms of the use of serifs.


Serifs are the little tags found at the end of the letter strokes, which had been avoided during the times of minimalism but seems to make a comeback this year. One reason for it may be the return of the old-fashioned styles, but it can ideally be attributed more to their unique ability to communicate the brand personality well. In the year 2019, alongside seeing custom-made, unique, and eye-catchy serifs, there are a lot of characters which can take a brand's styling to the next level. The modern-day serifs are stronger and more individualized, which makes it more classic and admirable.


Whatever the trends are, serifs are used sparingly in web elements. For example, they may look good in logos, titles, and heads, but no idea to use in a large block of text content. Usage of serifs will help your business name or tagline look elegant, but may not be ideal to use on blog articles which make the page distracting and congested.


3. Aesthetic geometrics

Next, we may consider a futuristic brand trend which is showing up now as geometrics. It involved geometric patterns, grids, lines, and abstract shapes. This is more appealing to the target group people who want to think in order and a structured manner, and it is well aligned with the cutting-edge modernism also of our times. However, geometry comes with some drawbacks also like the mathematical patterns may present as a bit intimidating and oppressive sometime.


To diffuse such drawbacks, modern-day designers use some geometric friendly branding approach in 2019. They combine geometric patterns with warm and bright colors. Adding to it, there is a scope of adding more curves also, which may make the strictness of geometric figures a bit more playful and livelier.


4. Vintage-inspired designs

As we have seen above, nostalgic vintage-inspired designs are also found to be a branding trend in 2019. We can see the resurgence of the vintage branding style in logos and packaging now. As we see, a vintage-inspired logo may be centering on the main image like a hand-drawn image, typically encased in the emblem-frame which typically include the company name or letters representing the brand. Many of the vintage logos also may include the year of establishment too. These logos may be more likely to have textured effects which amplify the sense of authenticity.


Along with these major trends, we can also find some add-on trends too which the branding fraternity tries out to make it more welcoming and innovative as:


–        Usage of ghost letters

–        3D imagery

–        Proactive negative spacing

–        Neo-minimalist approach


Ranging from colorful geometry to a minimalist approach, we can see 2019's trends in business branding covers it all. You don't have to feel pigeonholed just by being one side or the other, but as we have seen above, best branding practice of the times is to incorporate all relevant elements from across the spectrum in order to create something more unique and special. After all, branding is all about showing off why you are unique.

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