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Unobtrusive JavaScript using objects

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Peter Cooper
June 19, 2006

Peter Cooper
Peter Cooper is an English serial entrepreneur and Web 2.0 and Ruby on Rails consultant. I write about RSS, Perl, Ruby On Rails, SQL, business, finance, and a lot more on his website.

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This'll be new to some and childs play to others. I just wanted to keep reminding myself of this feature so I could guilt myself into forcing myself to use it rather than 'chickening out' when I write some quick scrappy code :)

If you've looked around any really up to date JavaScript code like Prototype or Script.aculo.us, you'll have seen a sort of construction not seen in much older JavaScript code. Back in the day you'd do something like this:

var default_width = 300;
var default_height = 200;

function open_window(url, width, height) {
   window.open(url, 'external', 'width=' + width + 'height=' + height);

Then you'd call open_window from your onClicks or using 'javascript' URLs. This worked great when you only had a bare minimum of JavaScript code going on, but now in the whole "Web 2.0" era, JavaScript is draped all over the place, and often you'll have a number of libraries fighting for namespace. The solution? Package up each discrete block of functionality into an object, and use the object. Here's a demonstration:

PopupHelper = {
   defaultWidth: 300,
   defaultHeight: 200,
   open_window:function(url, width, height) {
      window.open(url, 'external', 'width=' + width + 'height=' + height);

It's a syntax that would seem somewhat more familiar to a Perl or Ruby coder used to dealing with anonymous hashes, but in JavaScript this forms an 'Object', gives it a number of attributes (defaultWidth, and defaultHeight) and gives it a 'method'. Now you can do stuff like:

PopupHelper.open_window("http://www.whatever.com/", PopupHelper.defaultWidth, 600);

And you don't need to worry about treading on someone else's namespace.. unless they have a variable or object called PopupHelper of their own, of course ;-) This also makes it easy to distribute your own JavaScript addons and features to others in the way Prototype and Scriptaculous have, without worrying about trampling over existing code. Make your JavaScript extensible, and try out JavaScript's cool object features.

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