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Run a Digg like website

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Darrel Madore
July 04, 2007

Darrel Madore
Darrell is the owner of Utopian Productions and Pliggs.
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Digg.com has become one of the most popular sites on the internet. Its web 2.0 platform has made it a very profitable venture for its creators. With a large member base supplying the content, it virtually runs itself.

About a year ago, I came across a script that allowed you to run your own Digg style website. It had all the features of submitting content, voting, commenting and more. Since then other features have been added such as "Burying", a key part of Digg.

The script, Pligg, continues to evolve daily with a fantastic base of members adding, modifying and suggesting new features constantly. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of websites running on Pligg in as many subjects. Some news others shopping deals, scripts and the list goes on.

A built in messengar makes it easy for your members to communicate and it provides interactivity which is key to a web 2.0 website. A built in RSS importer also makes it simple to import feeds from other websites to help get your site built up, also, members can provide their Digg ID during registration, and the RSS importer will import all of their Digg submissions on to your website automatically.

Some great modules have been written for Pligg including Thickbox, video/photo uploading, AJAX style logins, category suggestion script, featured story, and a banner script and pages of others. There are also integration scripts with other popular sripts, for example, phpBB, vBulletin. Some members have successfully integrated other scripts such as Joomla, but this would be for advanced scripters.

To see examples of how Pligg has been used, you can visit http://www.pliggs.com

Heres how I implemented mine: http://www.newsdots.com

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