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Take Advantage of Simple JavaScript Optimization

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Kay Zetkin
July 11, 2006

Kay Zetkin
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Coding projects, anyone? Well, if you find yourself buried in some such projects like this either a small and simple one or a really large one, then JavaScript is here to the rescue. You might find that JavaScript optimization has special significance for you to salvage you from daunting prospects of a coding project. We understand that coding can be sometimes frustrating enough – thus, we advise you, be organized! Take advantage of JavaScript optimization!

Being organized has its positive aspects you know, first of all it allows for you to stay on top of your code at all times. Once you have a proper coding structure, you can go back and review your work at anytime, even at a later date and still easily find what’s going on with your code. We can find several different things that you can do for Java optimization by hand. Don’t ignore this, because optimizing as much as is possible for you is important.
In order to develop certain habits to optimize your code, always be aware of Java optimization. Sooner than you’ll realize, you’re optimizing as naturally without having to remind yourself evertime. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find your code will be smaller. You can even take on more difficult projects once you develop the habit.

Now, Java optimization can be tedious work if you’re working on a large project. However, on a small project, Java optimization can easily be done by hand. Yes, indeed! So how do you go about?

1. Always make sure you don’t use redundant code – within a project, it’s easy to have a piece of code do one thing many times. But what’s more efficient is to have that piece of code appear only once. Then, you can just call on it every time the need arises. Though a little advance, it’ll make you gloss over your project easily without inconvenient confusions.

2. Get rid of any redundant variables – like redundant codes, it’s unnecessary for you to have more than one of the same variables. It would just waste space and increase costs on bandwidth. By getting rid of repeated variables, your code will be as small as possible and you can save a lot of money just on bandwidth. What’s more, your application will load faster and keep your users happy.

3. You can also get certain programs that will do all the work for you – just in case you missed something and haven’t had much time to go over every piece of code. It would save you precious time in sifting through many, many pages of codes.

Are you seeing the advantages already? Habitual Java optimization is essential and though the use of software isn't foolproof, it will save you precious time in worrying and fretting and get your project done. Just set up your Java optimization program properly so you won’t wake up to useless codes. It is advisable to make backups of all your work. Original documents can be handy once the software fails and ruins your code.

Take advantage also of web resources and information on various programs that offers automatic code optimization for you. You may find some programs that are reliable enough and even have added features to enable your Java optimization reach its full potential. Then, you will really declare that the effort of optimization is well worth it! -30-

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